This Lidl robot vacuum is a bargain at just £79.99, meaning you can clean up for less

You'd better hoover up this bargain quick – it goes into stores this Thursday 30th January
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  • Let’s cut to the chase with this one. This week, you can get your hands on a Lidl robot vacuum for a frankly silly £79.99. Yes, you read that correctly – under £80! Given there are similar cleaners on the market for £300 – and we’ve even seen this exact model on Amazon for more than £200 – this is a deal that needs to be taken VERY seriously.

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    If you’re new to robot cleaners, we’ll fill you in. Far more than a glorified cat skateboard, they will clean your home without you having to lift a finger. Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, they use in-built cameras to map out the room, then clean every inch methodically, leaving you free to get on with whatever you fancy!

    And unlike you, it won’t forget to vacuum under the sofa, or get into the nooks and crannies around the skirting boards…


    In store from 30th January: Vileda cleaning robot, £79.99, Lidl

    The Lidl robot vacuum has been designed by Vileda, who know more than a thing or two about cleaning machines. It’s got an extra-large ‘mouth’ and a 500ml dirt tank, which will remove dust, dirt and pesky pet hair from hard floors and short-pile carpets, and comes with a two-year guarantee for piece of mind.

    The affordable price tag doesn’t mean you miss out on any top-notch tech. You can choose from three cleaning modes – spiral, zigzag and automatic. It also has in-built sensors to stop your little cleaning hero from taking a tumble down the stairs!

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    ‘At Lidl we’re always looking to provide affordable and innovative solutions that make customer’s lives a little easier,’ says Josie Stone, Lidl’s head of non-food buying at Lidl. ‘The Vileda Cleaning Robot is a fantastic gadget that takes all of the effort out of cleaning and taps into the trend of high-tech solutions that help customers save time looking after the home.’

    A charger is included in the box, and the dust container is easy to empty with no muss or fuss.

    Available in stores only from Thursday 30th January, it’s on sale while stocks last. Something that cleans for you while you put your feet up? We predict there’s going to be a big rush on this one!

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