Mary Berry is back… with a new oven-to-tableware range for Lakeland

She might not be on Bake Off any more, but Bezza is definitely keeping busy

Everyone loves National Treasure™ Mary Berry, but she has an extra-special place in Ideal Home's affections. After all, she was once part of the team, acting as food editor from 1970 to 1973. We also know first-hand that, despite being known as an expert in cakes, she sees herself more as a cook than a baker. Which explains why Lakeland's latest launch is a Mary Berry cookware range – not a baking one.

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It's a very pretty collection, at that...

mouthwatering chicken dish served on table

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We can't decide which is more mouthwatering, the chicken or the dish it's presented in. And that's the joy of this collection – every piece will withstand a good beating from the heat of the oven, but is still pretty enough to present to dinner guests.

Each of the trays, bowls and dishes – there are 12 in total – is made of carbon steel and coated in hard-wearing enamel that's lightweight and easy to handle. Said coating is super smooth, meaning food is less likely to get welded to it and dishes like pies come away easily. Simply put, your presentation will always be on point and washing up is a doddle.

Buy now: Mary Berry Cream Enamel 36cm Oven Tray – Medium, £19.99, Lakeland

presentation will always be on point and washing up is a doddle

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The range also includes textiles, including an apron, two types of oven glove, and a round hob cover. The Stars and Stripes pattern was designed especially for Mary by UK designer Will Crisp, and made in Norwich. Mary has made sure each piece is carefully tailored to the home cook. For example, the apron's neck strap is easily adjustable wth press-slid fastenings, not a fiddly sliding buckle. It's also extra-wide to give you more protection against splashes and spills.

apron two types of oven glove and a round hob cover

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Buy now: Mary Berry With Lakeland Star And Stripe Print Chefs Pad Hob Cover, £14.99, Lakeland
Buy now: Mary Berry With Lakeland Star And Stripe Print Double Oven Glove, £21.99, Lakeland

table with pie severed

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We certainly approve of this pie dish. Edged in pale green, the underlying carbon steel will withstand oven temperatures up to 230°C. We think its's the most versatile piece in the collection and top of our shopping list, as you could use it to make anything from pie to lasagne to crumble.

Buy now: Mary Berry Cream And Green Enamel Oblong 26cm Pie Dish, £8.99, Lakeland

'We've worked with Mary for many years,' says Veronica Davidson, buyer at Lakeland. 'And we have collaboratively invested a great deal of time in making sure that everything is produced to both our exacting standards. Lovely to look at as well as to use, they make great gifts for cooks at very level of confidence.'

'Besides, if you're treating yourself to new things for your kitchen, why not give yourself something that Mary approves of?'

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