Mermaid blanket at B&M is joined by magical new accessories

The popular knitted mermaid blanket was just a drop in the ocean, B&M have plenty more accessories to delight mermaid fans

The whimsical mermaid blanket has been causing a splash for a while now. To join this playful home accessory B&M have just launched a new range of mermaid accessories. From a sequin embellished cushion to an illustrated bedding set these mystical delights are off the scale – if you love mermaids that is!

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Mermaid blanket

mermiad blanket

The knitted blankets keep you warm while transforming you into the mermaid you always dreamed of being. These quirky knitted blankets are available in pretty shades of silver, purple and pink.

Buy now: Knitted mermaid Tail Blanket, £12.99

New mermaid accessories

Mermaid blanket

Reversible sequin cushions is a craze that started last autumn. This trend shows no sign of stopping, especially with this new mermaid-esque creation! The Katrina Bailey cushion is inspired by the iridescent scales of a mermaids tail.

Create a statement with this versatile, tactile cushion. A simple touch transforms the all over purple sequin design to an all blue one. Alternatively you can have the best of both worlds by exposing patches of both colours.

Buy now: Reversible Sequin Cushion, £5.99

mermiad blanket

Add a little something special to meal times with the addition of this iridescent cutlery set. The bling utensils have a pearlescent holographic vibe to them, which seems to be very on-trend of late – the more we fall in love with mythical creatures such as mermaids and unicorns.

In store now: Iridescent 16-piece Cutlery Set, £12.99

mermaid blanket

Enjoy a splash of something chilled with these fancy melamine glasses. The ombre colours decorate a honeycomb texture that’s reminiscent of fish scales. These bright glasses are perfect for summer parties and outdoor soirees.

Buy now: Ombre Wine Glasses, £3.99 for 4, B&M

mermaid blanket

Sleep under a sea of blue with this illustrated bedding. The Mermaid print adorns a cheerful teal blue background, ideal to liven up a bedroom decor.

Buy now: Mermaid Double Duvet Set, £16.99, B&M

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mermaid blanket

In store now: Mermaid Printed Cushion, £5.99

B&M is already predicting this range to be off the scale for sales! If you love mermaids don’t miss out on these treasures.

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