Best-selling B&M mermaid blanket gets a glam metallic makeover!

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  • The knitted version was just a drop in the ocean

    The whimsical mermaid blanket has been causing a splash! The 2019 mermaid blanket has even more of an ethereal feel, thanks to its metallic makeover.

    To join the quirky blankets B&M have launched a new range of iridescent accessories. From sequin embellished cushions to rainbow dining accessories these mystical delights are off the scale – for mermaids fans!

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    Mermaizing metallic mermaid blanket

    mermaid blanket

    The 2019 mermaid blanket has a pleasing iridescent finish – making it look more mermaid-like than ever. The quirky blanket keeps you warm while transforming you into the mermaid you always dreamed of being.

    Buy now: Mermaizing Metallic Mermaid Tail Blanket, £12.99, B&M

    mermaid blanket

    The original knitted blankets are still available. These quirky knitted blankets are available in pretty shades of silver, purple and pink.

    Buy now: Knitted mermaid Tail Blanket, £12.99

    New sequin cushion

    mermaid blanket: sequin cushions

    Last year was all about reversible sequin cushions. This season the look is a touch more decadent, as demonstrated by this new mermaid-esque creation! inspired by the scales of a mermaids tail the iridescent discs create a beautiful shimmering design.

    This tactile cushion makes a real style statement, for any room.

    Buy now: Iridescent Sequin Pearl Cushion, £7.99, B&M

    Iridescent tableware

    mermiad blanket


    Add a little something special to meal times with the addition of this iridescent cutlery set. The bling utensils have a pearlescent holographic vibe. The look is growing ever more popular, the more we fall in love with mythical creatures such as mermaids and unicorns.

    Buy now: Rainbow Iridescent 16-piece Cutlery Set, £12.99



    Enjoy a splash of something chilled with these fancy rainbow glasses. The light reflecting finish feels reminiscent of a mermaid’s scales. These decorative glasses are perfect for hosting soirees at home.

    Buy now: Iridescent Wine Glasses, £9.99 for 4, B&M

    Speaking of parties at home, wouldn’t every day feel like reason to throw a party with this disco ball design? The quirky cup and straw duo is everything you could ask for to jazz up simple refreshments.

    Buy now: Karina Bailey Iridescent Disco Ball Cup & Straw, £2.49, B&M

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