Kit out your bed for under £10 with Morrison’s new recycled bedding

Cosy up with this supermarket bargain

Now the summer's heatwave has broken, it's finally safe to retrieve your cosy duvet. But, if you need a new one, look no further than this Morrisons bedding.

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To mark the launch of the new Morrisons Home Essentials range, the supermarket has introduced a selection of affordable bedding. For less than the price of a takeaway pizza, you can kit your bed out with a duvet and pillow.

Morrisons bedding

The 10.5 tog double duvet is priced at just £8. While the single duvet with the same 10.5 tog will cost you just £6. However, the real stars are the pillows priced at £2 each or £3.50 for two.

double duvet white bedding

(Image credit: Morrisons)

Buy in store: Double Duvet, £8, Morrisons

This is one supermarket bargain you will want to sleep on.

All the bedding is made out of recycled plastic bottles. Helping you to do your bit for the environment while you snooze.

The double duvet is made out of 74 recycled plastic bottles. And the single duvet is made out of 50 recycled plastic bottles. Even the pillows are fully recycled, using 18 recycled bottles.

white bedding single duvet in white and red packet

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Buy in store: Single Duvet, £6, Morrisons

A 10.5 tog duvet should see you through most of the year, especially if you have central heating in your home. However, if you do run a little cold you might want to throw a blanket over the bottom of the bed during the chilliest winter months.

When it comes to replacing your duvet, the Sleep Council suggest that a duvet should last at least 5 years. This is because it doesn't take any of your weight while you sleep. However, as a general rule of thumb pillows should be replaced once every one to two years to provide maximum support.

white pillow in white and red packet

(Image credit: Morrisons)

Buy in store: Pillow, £2, Morrisons

If you've had your duvet or pillows for longer than that it might be time to think about replacing them. Luckily, Morrison's new bedding means you're not looking at an eye-watering price to get a good nights sleep.

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The new range is available in most Morrisons stores. Will you be picking up a set with your weekly shop?

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