The most popular house plant in the UK revealed – are you a fan?

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We all love a houseplant, they can brighten up the dingiest bathroom or add life into a living room. However, there is one particular houseplant that has soared to popularity in the last few months.

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The bamboo plant is currently the most popular houseplant in the UK. Tap Warehouse revealed the nations new favourite house plant by analysing Google searches since February this year.

1. Bamboo plant

Looking at the 15 most populous cities in the UK, the Bamboo plant was found to the most popular in nine of them.

room white wall bamboo plant and white stone in pot

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With its small delicate leaves and distinctive stems bamboo is a great addition as an accent to any room. However, when planting bamboo up for inside, be sure to plant up small clumps in a large sturdy container. These plants are famous for growing quickly, so need to be potted up frequently.

If you are looking for a smaller, but still striking, bamboo plant, consider opting for lucky bamboo. This variety of bamboo plant not only looks gorgeous with its chunky stems, but they are almost impossible to kill. Keep yours in good condition by avoiding direct sunlight and water regularly.

2. Aloe Vera Plant

room white brick wall aloe vera Plant on wooden chair

(Image credit: Patch Plants)

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Aloe Vera claimed the title as the second most popular houseplant. Aloe Vera was found to be the favourite plant in Nottingham, Coventry and Sheffield.

This pretty houseplant with its speckled spikey leaves is perfect for novice plant owners. It can go about two weeks without being watered, making it the perfect low maintenance houseplant.

3. Devil's Ivy

room with white wall and money plant on pot

(Image credit: Patch plants)

Devil's Ivy came in third place as the most popular house plant in just two cities, Liverpool and Manchester.

It makes a gorgeous hanging plant when positioned in a macrame hanging planter or on a high up shelf for a striking look. It is incredibly easy to look after and will thrive in a room with lots of humidity such as a bathroom or kitchen. Just remember to give it a weekly drink of water.

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4. String-of-Pearls

white background string of pearls houseplant

(Image credit: Future PLC/M&S)

String-of-Pearls slipped into fourth place. It was found to be the most popular houseplant in Edinburgh. The trailing plant thrives in bright indirect light, but only needs watering once a fortnight.

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Which would be your houseplant of choice?

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