Mrs Hinch reveals her favourite descaler for getting your kettle looking like new

We use our kettles non-stop so they need a little TLC sometimes

If you take pride in making a good, strong yet milky cup of tea, don't forget to descale the kettle once in a while. Mrs Hinch has revealed her favourite descaler that will leave your best kettle shining with minimal effort.

In the UK, we are powered by tea, drinking an average of FIVE cups a day. We also swallow an unacceptable amount of flaky limescale in our cuppas every year... *insert vomit emoji*

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Mrs Hinch's favourite descaler

Cleaning powerhouse Mrs Hinch revealed on Instagram that she uses Oust’s All Purpose Descaler, £1.66  to keep her kettle up to scratch. The product dissolves limescale and keeps appliances functioning efficiently.

3 x 3 sachets Oust All Purpose Descaler Cleaner Kettle Iron Household Appliances, £6.46 at Amazon

3 x 3 sachets Oust All Purpose Descaler Cleaner Kettle Iron Household Appliances, £6.46 at Amazon

Stock up on the Oust All Purpose Descaler so you always have some handy. Mrs Hinch's favourite descaler will extend the life of your kettle, iron, coffee machine, and showerhead while leaving metal surfaces gleaming. It gets to work in just 10 minutes, too.

'Over 60% of the UK suffers from hard water, which leads to limescale build-up on our appliances, and it’s on the rise,' says Sophie Herrmann, from Oust. 'Once hard water is heated, it creates a chalky off-white crust that creates limescale.'

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Knowing how to clean a kettle will not only make you feel like a proper adult, but it'll also mean your appliance lasts longer. Oust recently commissioned a study and found that Brits are estimated to spend a whopping £25.8 million over the next five years on replacing broken appliances.

Bad for our bank balances and the planet. If it's not cleaned, the heating element of this hardworking appliance gets covered in limescale, boiling water more slowly.

Not to mention the fact it compromises the quality of your morning brew. Oust says that we swallow a total of 338,000 kg of flaky limescale in our hot drinks each year, which doesn't bear thinking about.

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Oust says that if you live in a hard water area, you should be giving your appliances a quarterly MOT. Those in soft water areas should use a descaler every six months.

While it’s possible to scrub away limescale, the mineral deposits are tough, and using too much force can damage the appliance. So for a ‘good as new shine,’ we'll be trying Mrs Hinch's favourite descaler.

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