Mrs Hinch’s favourite mop slippers have some serious competition

Did somebody say flamingos?
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  • As a kid after watching Pippi Longstocking skid across her kitchen floor on scrubbing brush shoes, we were tricked into thinking cleaning could be fun. Sadly, the reality was a bit different. That was until Mrs Hinch brought cleaning slippers to our attention.

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    The Mrs Hinch slippers developed a strong following after the cleaning sensation posted the Creative Floor Mop Slippers on her Instagram.

    She claimed that the slippers were ideal for cleaning floors with minimal effort. Rather than getting down on your hands and knees you could cha-cha slide your way to a dust and dirt free floor, all for the cost of £4.69.

    Mrs Hinch Slippers

    When The Range’s cleaning slippers came to our attention we could hardly contain our excitement. Not are they cheaper than Mrs Hinchs favourites, priced at £3.99, but they’re covered in flamingos!

    The top of the slippers is decorated in an elegant pink and white flamingo design that we’d be happy to wear as an ordinary slipper. However, it’s on the bottom where the magic happens. The sole is loaded with fuzzy pink chenille microfiber that attracts hair and dust like a magnet.

    When the Mrs Hinch-style slippers appeared on the brands Instagram they quickly clocked up 7,548 likes and 2,239 comments, including:

    ‘I’m getting these I have to have them!’

    ‘I’m in love with them… Need, Need, Need!’

    ‘Birthday sorted’

    ‘Imagine hinching in these’

    ‘They’re amazing’

    The cleaning slippers are safe to use on wood tile and vinyl. They can easily be washed by popping in the washing machine when you’ve finished shuffling across your floor.

    Mrs Hinch slippers 1

    The slippers are part of The Range’s new flamingo cleaning range featuring dustpan and brushes, bucket and mops. Prices range from 79p for the patterned dish brush to £5.99 for the flamingo double-sided mop.


    Coming soon: Cleaning slippers, £3.99, The Range

    The collection has already gone down a treat with customers and will be available in most stores and online this Friday.

    So if you catch us jamming to ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ in our kitchen à la Pippi Long stockings, remember it’s all in the name of cleaning.

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    Will you be kicking the dust from your heels in these?

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