Mrs Hinch’s favourite ‘Scrub Daddy’ has launched a new product that promises to work even harder

Cleaning fanatics are in for a smiley treat
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  • A scrubber with a smiley face and cutesy name wasn’t something we’d instantly peg as a cleaning must-have. How wrong we were. As soon as ‘The Original Scrub Daddy’ launched in the UK it established a cult status among cleaning fanatics.

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    It seemed like everyone from Mrs Hinch to Lynsey Queen of Clean was scrubbing their kitchens and bathrooms with the hard-working scrubber.

    Well we have good news for the Hinch Army, Scrub Daddy is launching a new scourer. Let us introduce you to the Scour Daddy…

    New Scrub Daddy products

    Scrub Daddy 2

    The Scour Daddy makes some bold promises, including being stronger than ordinary scouring pads, and to last longer than the original Scrub Daddy. We’d be sceptical if we didn’t already know that the Scrub Daddy always keeps its promises.

    The core of the scrubber is made of the same FlexTexture that made the original Scrubber such a hit. The material become soft in warm water and stay firm in cold water, making it adapt to different cleaning jobs. However, due to its ArmorTec mesh covering and shape it will last around 2 months.

    Buy now: The Original Scrub Daddy, £3.49, Packing Sorted

    Scrub Daddy 1

    It might be missing the smiling mouth of the original that can be slipped over a tap, but it does have a tab to hang for fast drying and all the scratch free and odour resistant qualities that has made the brand so popular. It even comes in different colours so you can colour coordinate your cleaning.

    The Scour Daddy is available in packs of three for a recommended price of £4.49. So in terms of value the new product should work out cheaper than The Original Scrub Daddy.

    Buy now: Scour Daddy, £4.49, Packing Sorted

    Sponge Daddy

    Scrub Daddy 3

    Alongside the Scour Daddy, the brand is also launching a new dual side scrubber sponge. To those already addicted to the range, the new product is exactly like the existing Scrub Mommy, but in a rectangular shape.

    It will be sold in a multi-pack of 4 at around £3.99, which should last around 4 to 6 weeks in the home. Afterwards, the brand recommends using them for cleaning up around the garden and car.

    Buy now: Sponge Daddy, £3.99, Packing Sorted

    Both products are still currently still only available online, but by the end of July you should be able to find them in stores such as Robert Dyas and Roys of Wroxham.

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    Will the new scour daddy be hanging proudly by your kitchen sink?

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