Take a look inside Piers Morgan's striking West London townhouse

There's so much to love about this property...

He's the outspoken Good Morning Britain presenter, who'll debate anything from the the pros and cons of a Gregg's vegan sausage role, to the current state of UK politics. But does life behind the doors of Pier Morgan's Kensington townhouse veer more toward's chaos or calm?

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Let's step inside the London home he has shared with wife Celia Walden and seven-year-old daughter Elise Morgan since 2009, and find out...

Kerb appeal

Who wouldn't love to call this pretty tree lined street home? While we can't be exactly sure of the period of the homes lined along it from this angle, the wrought iron gates and white frontage do lean toward's properties from the Georgian era.

A room with a view

Double doors leading out into the garden are screaming out for an al fresco evening watching the sun go down.

A carefully chosen piece of art is always a welcome addition to any space. And this large monochrome print of dance legend Fred Astaire certainly makes a statement.

Patterns, patterns, patterns

This Kilim style rug brings a pop of pattern to this otherwise unadorned hallway space.

Quirky quotes

This cheeky vintage metal sign not only looks good but is sure to keep tempers from fraying in the kitchen too.

Beautiful banisters

A simple carpet runner creates ensures this staircase is cosy underfoot. The large stained glass windows allow plenty of dappled light to flood through.

Stars and stripes

As a former America's Got Talent judge, sometime friend of US President Donald Trump and part-time LA dweller, it's no wonder Piers has a penchant for all things stateside.

In an interview with the Daily Mail he revealed that he snapped up original American flag you can see in the background of this shot for £5,000 in a London art fair without realising how historically significant it was. As it only features 34 stars, representing 34 states, it can only have been fashioned in the Civil War between 1861 to 1863 under president Abraham Lincoln.

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Which is your favourite element from Piers' home?