These Primark bedsheets are a dead ringer for Marks and Spencer’s sell-out bedding

Are you feeling tropical?
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  • At first we were happy just filling our home with plants, but it seems our obsession has reach new highs and we now covering our bedsheets with them. At first we were besotted with Marks and Spencer’s sell-out palm print bedding, but then we spied Primark’s latest offering.

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    From £9 for a single set to £14 for a double set we think they could give the Mark and Spencer’s palm tree sheets a run for their money.

    Tropical print Primark bedsheets

    These sheets are big, bold and definitely green. We have our suspicions that these Primark bedsheets are going to be an instant sell out.

    Primark bedsheets 1

    Buy in store: Tropical Print bedding, From £9, Primark

    One side of this sheets are adorned with botanical illustrations of giant tropical leaves, while the reverse is bedecked in stylish muted green stripes. When you get board of the leaf print – although we find this hard to imagine happening – simply flip them around and show off the stripes.

    Though we have to say our particular preference would be folding the top of the cover back just enough to expose the stripes.

    The tropical sheets make up part of Primark’s ‘walk on the wild side’ collection. The rest of the collection is filled with pink leopard print and dangling plants.

    It would be rude not to take a little peak.

    Leopard print Primark bed sheets

    Primark bedsheets 2

    Buy in store: Leopard print bedding, From £9, Primark

    Our wardrobes are full of leopard print, so why not share the love with your bedroom. It’s also reversible so you have the choice to fully embrace the spots or swap it over to the muted purple pattern and just expose a cheeky flash of pink leopard print.

    Primark bedsheets 3

    Primark is currently killing the faux plant game. This is good news to all of us who are seriously lacking a green thumb.

    Give your room some serious tropical vibes by dotting a few of these around the room, and lounging on the tropical print bed sheets. For one weekend only, the temperature could finally match your bedroom decor.

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    Will these tropical bed sheets be going on your wishlist?

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