A quarantine survival guide – anti-boredom activities to try at home

Looking for new and exciting things to try in quarantine? Here are some great ideas

With the nation in lockdown many of us are spending virtually all of our time indoors which means that, after a while, the days can get a little repetitive.

Helpfully Holidu, a search engine for holiday rentals, has shared some fun activities to try at home, to prevent boredom over the coming weeks.

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Many of the activities are particularly good for those who are entertaining children all day, and are lacking in inspiration. While some are aimed at adults-only (like cocktail-making), many will work for families with kids.

Here are some of the anti-boredom activities Holidu recommend to try at home...

1. Have a movie night with travel films

outdoor cinema with projector and blankets

(Image credit: TI Media)

Travelling isn’t an option at the moment, but there’s no reason why you still can’t enjoy the wonders of the world through a different medium — film. Holidu recommends a few movies and documentaries which are on Netflix, such as Expedition Happiness, Tales by Night, Our Planet, Wild, Elsewhere and Alone in Africa.

You could even set up an outdoor cinema in the garden, to make the experience that bit more exotic!

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2. Set up an indoor picnic

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden then by all means have an outdoor picnic, but those who don’t can have just as much fun indoors. It’s also a nice break from eating at the dinner table.

Anyone looking to take it one step further can even build a fort or a den to have a picnic in. Or, create a competition and ask kids to compete to build the best indoor den — it’s an activity they can crack on with while parents do other things.

3. Declutter and redecorate your house

wall painting with paint box and boxes

(Image credit: Future PLC/Adrian Briscoe)

Being confined to the house is a great time to make some interior and exterior improvements. Perhaps there’s a piece of DIY you’ve been meaning to tackle for a while? Or a room that needs decluttering? Now is a great time to focus on your home and to work on any of the projects you may have been putting off.

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4. Get fit

The gyms may be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t get experimental with your workout. Exercise is also ideal because it releases those all-important endorphins which leave you feeling good. If you don’t have gym equipment at home, improvise with things around the house — like using tinned food as weights.

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5. Expand your horizons through online courses

yellow wall with wooden table and white chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Always wanted to learn a new language or take up a hobby? There’s a plethora of online resources for people looking to learn a new skill and more and more are becoming available online everyday.

Holidu says, ‘This valuable extra time allows us to get up to speed with topics we were always curious about, but never got the chance to.’

6. Grow your own plants from seed

With the supermarket shelves looking sparse, now is a great time to become a little more self-sufficient. Many herbs, such as parsley, rosemary or mint, can be grown indoors — but if you have a garden why not try planting some fruit and vegetables, too.

7. Make your own cocktails

drinks trolley with champagne glasses and bottle

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jo Henderson)

Bars and restaurants may have closed their doors, but you can still create your favourite cocktails from the comfort of your own home. With plenty of hours to kill, it's a good time to experiment and come up with a few signature drinks of your own.

8. Work on your musical talent

Maybe you haven’t picked up your musical instrument since school, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a certain one? There's simply no excuse not to at the moment. Singing is another great musical skill to take up during this nationwide lockdown. Band practice and jams can still take place, too, via video calls.

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Finding imaginative ways to pass the time will make it go quicker.