Introducing the Bluicer – a new way to prep healthy drinks and more

Introducing the Bluicer – a new way to prep healthy drinks and more

Now that winter is finally on the out and the days are getting longer, we can welcome more than just stodgy comfort food into our diets. So if you’re keen on upping your - and your family's - vitamin intake, one piece of kitchen kit you’re bound to get a load of use out of this summer is Sage’s new Bluicer.

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What’s a Bluicer?

grey colour Sage Bluicer

(Image credit: John Lewis)

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Simply put, the bluicer is a hybrid blender that conveniently juices, too. And when we say juices, we don’t mean just orange juice. This sturdy beast will extract juice just as easily from citrus fruit as it will carrots and kale, and the extra large feed chute at the top - measuring 8.8cm in diameter - makes it super easy to pop whole fruit or veg in for instant juicing.

What makes it different from a regular juicer?

Part blender, part centrifugal juicer, fruits and veg are pushed down through a spinning disk covered with razor-sharp stainless steel teeth which first pulps them, then the contents are pushed up and through a fine metal mesh filter which extracts the juice, with virtually no increase in temperature.

So if you’re juicing a few apples straight from the fridge, you’ll have a fresh, cold juice in seconds…

What can you make with it?

sage bluicer with fruit and juice

(Image credit: John Lewis)

The Bluicer features 10 speed settings that vary from the slow ‘Stir’ to the super speedy ‘Pulverize’, all of which are perfect for making a wide variety of drinks and soups. It also has five easy one-touch functions that will help you make regular smoothies, green smoothies (which are smoother), crush ice cubes and even make frozen cocktails and slushies.

And when you’re done, if you don't have space in the dishwasher, simply add two cups of soapy water to the machine and press the Auto Clean button.

Why should we buy one?

lady with sage bluicer and fruits

(Image credit: John Lewis)

While most people have owned a personal or standard sized blender at some stage, this baby does bulk. The large 3litre pulp bin at the back ensures you don’t have to constantly stop mid-juicing to empty the contents and the 1.5litre jug provides plenty of juice for the whole family.

What’s more, the Bluicer is a beauty. Made from brushed stainless steel and with elegant curved edges, you’d be happy to have this stylish piece of kit on display on your countertop. The design isn’t overly modern so it wouldn’t look out of place in a country-style kitchen, either.

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So if you're looking for an easy way to introduce some more fresh fruit and veg to your diet, or if frozen margartias are more your speed, you know what you need to add to your countertop!

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