Sarah Beeny's super simple tip to transform a home without spending a penny

Shake up your home during the lockdown

Already bored with your home? Sarah Beeny's tip to transform a home without spending a penny will give your house a new lease on life.

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Speaking on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin radio, the renovating guru shared her top tip for making you feel better in your own space.

Sarah Beeny's tip to transform a home

'At the moment so many people are stuck at home, and it is a terrible time for lots of people,' she said on the show. 'But I think if we try and see as many positives, as there are many negatives to focus on.'

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'If you are stuck at home do one of the most basic things. If you actually just reorganise your room it can make a huge difference,' she explains.

'Most peoples sofas are just where they put them when their arm hurt when moving from one flat into another flat. They are carrying their sofa and think let's put it down, and there it is 20 years later.'

'So actually just putting all the furniture in the middle of the room, and putting it all in a different place. You might find it loosens up space in the most amazing way,' she adds.

So before you hop in the virtual queue at Wickes to start an ambitious home makeover, why not give Sarah Beeny's tip ago. She might be the queen of incredible renovations but her tip is so simple, you have no excuse not to give it ago.

If you have hard floors, try popping your furniture on rugs so you can slide them around with more ease to see where they might look good.

However, if you are living alone during the lockdown, please be careful before you start moving large pieces of furniture around on your own.

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Will you be giving your home a furniture re-jig this week?

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