These Scandi home traditions are trending on Instagram right now!

Forget Hygge. Let go of Lagom and Lykke. There are new lifestyle trends on the block and they hail from Scandinavia

The post-festive side of British winter can often seem quite dull and miserable, with storms and cold weather making people feel less than cheery. However, there is one region in the world that not only has a much more extreme winter, but also has a far more positive attitude towards it – the Scandis. With temperatures often dropping below zero and minimal hours of daylight, they embrace winter with a spirit not seen in the UK. So, what’s their secret? Check out these Scandi trends for more inspiration.

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We’re all now well aware of ‘hygge’, the Danish concept of winter cosiness that has had a surge in popularity, however there are a number of other key traditions for the home that are the secrets to Scandinavian’s positive winter sentiment. In a bid to help us Brits this season, Celebrity Cruises has worked with psychologist Dr Saima Latif to reveal the unique traditions and phrases that are currently trending on Instagram that can help us Brits not only get through the winter, but enjoy it too.

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In the UK, the winter weather always seems to be easier to cope with before Christmas and New Year because we have all of the festivities and seasonal cheer, however when January greets us, this soon becomes a distant memory.

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Norway combats this feeling with ‘koselig’, a concept which is all about keeping all of the best parts of Christmas even when the festivities are over. People will light candles and fires, drink warm beverages and attend community festivals and activities that create the feeling that everyone is in it together - surviving the winter as one.

For Dr Latif, it’s the community aspect that is the most powerful – ‘being together with others can have such a positive impact on our wellbeing, repositioning us to think of winter as a time of togetherness which can make the season seem much more bearable’.

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Fredagskos is a Norwegian term that encapsulates a very tasty version of ‘hygge’. It’s a Friday evening ritual of enjoying a taco dinner then retiring to the sofa to watch TV and feast on an assortment of crisps and sweets until falling asleep. In other words, the translation of ‘fredagskos’ is ‘pure, indulgent bliss’ and a sure-fire way to get through the winter weekends.

‘One of the problems us Brits have after Christmas is the feeling that there’s nothing in winter to look forward to, having a weekly ritual that involves getting together is the perfect way to combat this’ says Dr Latif.

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With the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ now something most of us know about, Swedish ‘mysig’ shouldn’t be too much of a leap this winter. The term stands for making your home as cosy as possible during the winter months, so you can truly bunker down when the cold comes. Think big blankets, candles and warming food and drinks.

‘It is inevitable that in the winter you’ll be spending more time indoors, so making your environment particularly inviting promotes a feeling of safety and security which in turn makes you more accepting of the winter months rather than wishing them away’ says Dr Latif.

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Sweden has one of the most colourful winter survival tips – a tradition where your home is consistently decorated with freshly cut flowers. These will typically be tulips, as they bring plenty of colour into an otherwise dull, grey and dreary winter season. Despite tulips being mostly frequently associated with Holland, the Swedes are actually the largest buyer of the flower and even celebrate it with a holiday known as Tulpanens dag (day of the tulip).

‘Bringing colour in your home is the perfect antidote to the winter blues and can make such a difference. This is such a simple tip from Sweden that would make a lot of difference on a dark, cold winter’s day and colour has been proven to have a positive effect on our wellbeing’.

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The pronunciation may be difficult, but the activity itself is an extremely easy one to schedule into your winter regime, and will undoubtedly be one we can all get onboard with. Kakkukahvit is simply the Finnish term for serving up coffee and cake, to warm up from the outside and allow ourselves a treat to soothe the more challenging conditions of the winter months.

Dr Latif sees the benefits in its sense of routine and opportunity for more social interaction, ‘it’s a tradition that lends itself to being around others which is so important in the winter months, promoting a sense of warmth and bonding which is valuable when the bleaker weather can often feel quite isolating’.

Will you be incorporating these Scandi trends into your home decor scheme now that the beast from the east is upon us?

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