Are you sitting on a fortune? Sell these household items second hand and make a tidy profit

Is it time to start selling unused household items to declutter and make some extra cash?

After the expense of Christmas every penny counts. Could selling household items be the answer to improving January's cash flow?

'Whether it’s for decluttering purposes or simply to raise some extra money, it’s becoming increasingly popular to sell used household goods,' explains Ross Counsell, Director at Good Move. 'Our research has highlighted the items which are particularly popular in the second-hand market.'

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To give an idea of what household items might hold some value regulated property buyer, Good Move has compiled a list of the most searched for second-hand household items last year.

10 best-selling second-hand household items in 2018

1. Books

bookshelves with fireplace and chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Cece Welden)

Who'd have thought? Taking the top spot with 12,100 monthly searches, the humble book is the most searched for second-hand item.
Unless they're First edition copies or particularly rare titles, books are unlikely to sell for a lot individually. But this one is all about quantity, not quality.

With colour-coded bookshelves taking social media by storm it's no surprise books were the most searched for second-hand household item in 2018. Scan bookshelves for unwanted novels, it's time to get them sold.

2. Phones

Namely the iPhone. With new models constantly hitting the shelves, many of us will have old handsets lying redundant around the house. There is a huge market for used phones – the iPhone 6 was the second most searched for used household item last year, with  9,900 searches a month.

3. Second-hand games consoles

Sony’s Playstation 4 bucks the trend for not buying expensive products second-hand. The console attracted 9,900 monthly searches in 2018, proving there's a demand!

4. Sofas

living room with sofa and table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

With 8,100 searches a month, it's safe to say second-hand sofas are a good seller. As the most searched for second-hand piece of furniture, if you're upgrading be sure to list your old one – rather than throw it out.

5. Bikes

Cycling is a great way to get about, not to mention great exercise! All well and good if you actually use yours. If you have one you never use the 8,100 monthly searches indicate someone else gladly will. The same applies to children’s outgrown bikes. Declutter garages and sheds and make some money.

6. Wedding dresses

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! Wedding dresses are the item that many keep stored in a dry cleaning bag at the back of the wardrobe. As sentimental as we are, after the big day you are not planning to wear it ever again – so why not sell it? Rather than letting it gather dust and take up valuable storage space, take advantage of the huge online interest (6,600 monthly searches) in second-hand wedding dresses and get some money back on it.

7. Xbox

Another games console takes the number seven spot with 6,600 searches. Rivaling the PS4 the Xbox One, is another popular model. As long as it's in working order, it can sell for good money online. Second-hand games are also highly desirable.

8. Golf clubs

house with garage

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Free up garage storage space by flogging old golf clubs. If you once considered
golf as your new hobby, before gradually losing interest, why not sell them and earn a bit of extra some money? With 5,400 searches a month, if you're selling someone is buying!

9. Watches

Watches are another good seller in the second-hand market, with 5,400 monthly searches. You'd be surprised, many models retain or even appreciate in value –especially if they are made by a designer
brand. Is it time to sell yours?

10. Office furniture

open shelf with wooden table table and chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Scott)

As more and more of us work from home, it's no surprise to see office furniture on the list. Who wants to spend vast amounts to kit out the home study? 4,400 monthly searches proves people are looking for a bargain. If you’ve got a spare desk or chair lying around, get it listed online and someone.

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Will this make you think twice before heading to the local recycling centre? It's certainly got us thinking!


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