Serial snoozer or robotic riser: new survey reveals what your morning routine says about you

With an increasingly busy nation, the early morning routines of Brits are quite surprising…

Britons spend more time checking emails (51%) and using the internet (48%) each morning than taking care of their appearance (32%), eating breakfast (18%) or spending time with their family (43%), according to a new survey by bed manufacturer Silentnight.

So, what's your morning must-do?

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Do you find yourself waking up the same time each day to write your to-do lists while balancing your time between children and work? Give yourself a pat of the back - happy and positive about the day ahead, you are part of the whopping 41% of the UK population of robotic risers.


If you hit the snooze button way too often and are forever in a rush, leaving everything until the last minute and are a permanent fixture on your boss's tardy list then, along with 18% of the nation, you are a serial snoozer.

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Or, perhaps you find yourself having a little snooze on the train, wearing un-ironed clothes or you have an ability to nap whilst stood in line at the coffee shop (make ours a double espresso). Then you may very well be an opportunistic napper. A humble 13% of those surveyed fall into this category.

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However, if you're struggling to hit the sack at night, sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan suggests eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up, taking regular breaks during the day, increasing exercise and doing a wind-down routine in the evening, plus reducing caffeine and alcohol intake.

If all of the above sounds like your normal routine than you're most likely an energetic early bird. You know the ones that are always bright and happy in the morning, gym bag in tow, look immaculate and have the tidiest house on the street! Jealous, us? Never!

So, which morning person are you?

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