SmartPlant is selling bargain bundles of plants online to raise money for the NHS

...And support the gardening industry

If you haven't already heard of SmartPlant it's time to change that. The app that is any beginner gardeners secret weapon to keeping plants alive, has stepped in to the preserve the wellbeing of thousands of plants with the Smart Plant green relief campaign.

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Although the demand for plants online has rocketed, many growers and garden centres don't have the infrastructure to keep up with online orders. So to help out garden centres and nurseries struggling SmartPlant has stepped in to sell the plants that would go to waste.

smart plant bundles with black pots

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SmartPlant has set up a platform on their website to sell bundles of plants that would have been destined for the compost heap. You can currently pick from Spring Bundles, Blooming Classic Bundle, Betulia Bundle and Clematis Bundle.

Prices range from £20 for a bundle of three plants to £105 for a bundle of blooming plants. However, you can pick up a cracking deal of 20 spring plants for £46.99. The best part is that as well as supporting the gardening industry, 10 per cent of every purchase will go to an NHS charity.

smartplant app with plant pot

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'It's a win-win situation,' explains Smart Plant founder George Wiliams. 'Our growers stand a better chance of financial survival for every plant we manage to sell, it also gives them and the rest of the country some hope for the future. What we effectively want is for people to enjoy plants in the name of British Business and our NHS.'

'The response to our first week has been unbelievable,' George adds. 'We're selling hundreds of plants a day and our growers are ecstatic. We have already donated thousands to the NHS and hopefully greened up a few thumbs.'

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Even if you are a gardening novice, don't feel shy about investing in a bundle. Each plant comes with a Smart Plant bar code, scan this with the app on your phone and you will have access to simple plant care tips. That includes automated care reminders so you never forget to water or pot them up again.

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Will you be supporting British business and NHS by picking up a bundle?

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