Interiors expert Sophie Robinson reveals her budget tip to open up a small living room

The Dream Home Makeovers host shares her wallpaper trick that will make your space feel larger
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  • Sophie Robinson has shared a simple wallpaper trick she swears by to make a small living room feel bigger. Speaking exclusively to Ideal Home the interior designer and presenter of Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson, explained why a fine-lined print is perfect for a small space.

    Creative small living room ideas can really maximise a tiny room. If you usually shy away from the idea of wallpaper, Sophie is here to change your mind.

    floral wallpaper in pale green tones with wodden furniture

    Image credit: Dowsing & Reynolds

    Sophie Robinson’s small living room wallpaper tip

    ‘With a small room, I’d put a patterned wallpaper up,’ Sophie begins. ‘And I know that’s counterintuitive, but sometimes patterns create more depth.’

    The Great Indoors podcast’s co-host recommends something trailing, such as a lovely floral or botanical print. ‘I’ve got quite a small kitchen and I’ve got wrapped wall-to-wall wallpaper in there,’ she shares.

    ‘And everybody says it makes the room feel bigger because your eye travels through the pattern and beyond.’ Sophie makes the point that painting a small room a pale colour can still leave you with an uninspiring space.

    floral wallpaper and side table

    Image credit: The French Bedroom Co

    ‘Small rooms need a bit of punch,’ she says. But there’s a balance to strike, as a small living room wouldn’t suit anything too in your face. We’d definitely avoid anything too blocky or bold.

    Instead, Sophie suggests ‘a lovely delicate wallpaper with a fine-lined print’ to open up the space. The good news is with a small space you don’t need too many rolls of wallpaper either, so it’s a win-win.

    ‘Do all the walls. This isn’t a feature wall thing – all the walls so that you get that full immersive feel,’ she says.

    Sophie Robinson

    Sophie Robinson (Image credit: Channel 5)

    Feeling inspired? Check out the latest wallpaper trends for 2022 to see what kind of prints you gravitate towards.

    We think a delicate floral print in uplifting hues would be a fabulous way to update your home and inject some spring home decor into your space. It adds a touch of nature while also creating the illusion of depth.

    Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson airs Wednesday at 7pm on Channel 5.

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