Get more from your log burner with this cost-effective gadget – experts recommend

It's the secret must-have experts will advise to improve heating
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  • Are you making the most of the heat from your log burner? Probably not if you don’t have a fan. It’s the little known secret that many households are not aware of. A simple cost-effective woodburner stove fan holds the secret to more heat. And here’s how…

    What is a stove fan? And why do I need one?

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    Having recently had the chimney swept a member of the Ideal Home team was given a little piece of advice to improve the heat quality from their log burner. The expert doing the job recommended a stove fan.

    Due to the fact hot air rises, the majority of the heat generated from your log burner can be lost. Either up the chimney or directly towards the ceiling, meaning you are not feeling the full benefits of heat throughout the room.

    By placing a simple fan on top of the burner, the heat produced is pushed out into the room in a more beneficial manner. Creating a gentle airflow, the fans motion helps to drive warm air further into the room. Creating a more even temperature throughout the living space.

    Amazon Stove fan deals

    Valiant (FIR361) Premium IV 4-Blade Heat Powered Log Burner & Stove Fan: RRP £84.99, Now £54.99, Amazon Black
    From the heating experts Valiant this premium stove fan has earnt 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 2,056 ratings. Compact 19cm high design is perfect for all stoves with a flat top and for convector type twin skinned and topped stoves. Unrivalled performance, pushing at a huge rate of 420 feet a minute.

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    NETTA 4 Blade Woodburner Stove Fan: Now £26.99, Amazon
    This Netta branded stove fan is one of the cheapest and therefore best-selling options you can buy from Amazon. It has 4 blades which are powered by the heat omitted from the stove, so there’s cost to run. H20.5cm. This model comes with a 365 day warranty, for piece of mind.

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    Tomersun 3 Blade Heat Powered Stove fan: was £23.99, Now £17.99, Amazon
    This is the cheapest on offer,  thanks to the discount of £6 it’s currently only £17.99. It does only have 3 blades rather than 4 like it’s counterparts but this aluminium fan is still up for the job – at an unbeatable price.

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    The fan in question is massively energy efficient in more ways than one. First it’s heat powered, which means no batteries or electricity are required. Secondly it’s efficiency means you’ll likely burn less fuel to stay snug. And fear not, it’s practically silent – so you won’t hear it, but you will definitely feel it.

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    The team at Ideal Home can vouch, a stove fan is a game changer.



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