This new paint palette is designed to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder

If a SAD lamp is out of your budget, try these optically brightening hues
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  • You can now buy paint designed to help you cope with SAD. The new Valspar paint palette will help combat seasonal affective disorder.

    There’s also a collection of paint to help you nod off, and one for de-stressing. So, if you’re experiencing paint chart overwhelm, let your paint ideas, be swayed by Valspar’s ‘The Colour Effect’ palettes.

    dark teal wood panelling in a bedroom

    Image credit: Valspar

    Valspar teamed up with The Sleep Charity and trend forecasters at Trendbible to come up with three ranges of paint. Ultimately they narrowed it down to Mood Boosting Colours for Winter (SAD), Colour for Sleep and Colour for Stress Relief.

    1. Mood-Boosting Colours for Winter (SAD)

    Around 29% of us struggle with the lack of sunlight in autumn and winter, experiencing low mood and difficulty getting up in the morning. Justine Fox, leading applied colour psychologist, says, ‘When nights get shorter and the world outside turns cold, our instinct is to draw in and conserve energy.

    ‘Bringing vibrancy and energy into our spaces using uplifting colour goes some way to counteract this feeling,’ she says. ‘The shades in this palette are optically brightening and reflective, and will enhance the sense of light in a room.’

    The Valspar paint palette for SAD has a blend of oranges, yellows and greens, from ‘Cozy Glow’ ‘Sea Silk and ‘Teal Time.’

    dining table in a light blue and white room

    Image credit: Valspar

    2. Colour For Sleep

    The best mattress that suits your sleep position is the first port of call in getting more zzzs, but colour will help too. Just reading the names of the colours in this palette is transporting us to a dreamlike state.

    There’s ‘Ethereal Dance,’ ‘Indigo Dreams and ‘Sea Crest.’ As the names suggest, this palette has lots of dark blues, sea greens and purples, and some warming neutrals.

    Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity recommends exploring darker shades in our bedrooms. ‘They create tempting, intimate interior spaces that you can retreat to,’ says Lisa.

    3. Colour For Stress Relief

    dark teal bedside table

    Image credit: Valspar

    Tapping into biophilia, this palette is overflowing with nature-inspired hues, like hazy greens and blues. There’s also some grey for those already toying with some grey living room ideas. ‘Heather Haze,’ ‘Calm Water’ and ‘Mother Nature’ all sound very calming.

    ‘When we’re feeling anxious and overly stressed, we need both physical and mental space to decompress,’ says Justine Fox. She adds that softly faded and cool greyed colours rooted in the natural world ‘create the perfect environment for us to practice mindfulness, taking a mental pause and quietly focusing on self-care.’

    The Colour Effect is available from November in selected B&Q stores nationwide and to download online. Each pack has eight Valspar shades, and some expert guidance on picking colours you will love.

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