You won't believe how many hours are spent doing household chores

Does it feel like you spend a disproportionate amount of time doing domestic chores? Read on to discover just how many hours we dedicate to cleaning...

Ironing, vacuuming, changing the bed, cleaning the oven, bleaching the bathroom... keeping up with the housework is pretty relentless. A recent survey commissioned by Airtasker, a new online platform that allows users to outsource tasks, has revealed some interesting insights. These include just how long we spend each year doing tedious household chores.

Are you ready to be shocked? All in all, the average Brit spends a whopping 208 hours a year doing household chores!! Two thirds of us think that's too much, which is fair enough really.

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Who's the cleanest of them all?

brushes with towel

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In a poll of 2000 people, West Midlanders emerged as the most house proud, alongside Yorkshire. Both these regions top the list for time spent on chores each week. On average, those fastidious West Midlanders spend an impressive 228 hours on household chores, each year. Wow.

What are our worst chores?

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The survey also identified our absolute all-time worst chores. Among the three chores more outsourced, 'picking up a pet's poop' is (unsurprisingly) right up there. 'Preparing a 3-course meal' is also in the mix, along with 'writing a CV'. We're on board with the poop picking up, but writing a CV?

How do we like to spend our free time?

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Man we're predictable. When quizzed about their preferred way to spend any free time, the vast majority of Brits picked 'watching tv'. Not so for those frisky South Easterners, however, who chose to 'get it on' instead.

Skill shortage

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The survey revealed some rather depressing statistic concerning our lack of practical skills. Not that changing a light bulb is really a skill... A startling 20 per cent of 18-34 year olds apparently struggle with this basic task. In other news, 36 per cent of Brits don't know how to put up a shelf.

What's your least favourite chore?