Professional cleaners are raving about £1.50 limescale remover that leaves sinks looking like new

Prepare to be dazzled

If you live in an area with hard water then limescale is probably the bane of your existence. The unsightly chalky deposit can build up in your sink, shower, toilet and on your taps.

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However, rather than spending hours scrubbing your sink, Wilko is selling a £1.50 product that promises to do a better job in minutes, and professional cleaners are raving about it.

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Viakal limescale remover is the the magical cleaning product that has captured the attention of cleanfluencers from Mrs Hinch to The Twinkle Cleaning duo.

Professional cleaners, Natalie and Katrina, who set up the Instagram page The Twinkle Cleaning Duo, showed how effective the product was in a video on their feed. The video follows as they get a limescale coated sink gleaming again in record time with no scrubbing.

'Unfortunately, limescale is a huge issue in homes! Especially if you live in a hard water area,' the duo writes in the caption. 'Viakal is absolutely brilliant at removing limescale & is a must-have product for ourselves.'

In the video, the pair demonstrated the most effective way to use the ultra version of the limescale remover. They start by coating the sink with the remover neat, using a wet sponge. It is then left to 'work it's magic'

Afterwards, simply rinse away the product and buff up the sink with a cloth. Once washed off the formula promises to continue working its magic by creating a barrier that prevents watermarks from returning.

Viakal limescale remover has already established a loyal following racking up glowing reviews on the Wilko website.

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Buy now: Viakal ultra limescale remover, £1.50, Wilko

'Brought this excellent bathroom/kitchen cleaner a month ago. it has worked brilliantly getting limescale off my shower tray and screen as well as the kitchen sink. Very impressive and you don't need much of the product to get a good finish,' wrote one review.

'I have tried so many limescale removers over the years and this is the best one ever. Yes it has a stronger smell to it, but I don't care about that as it is absolutely brilliant,' wrote another.

Viakal is available at most supermarkets and Amazon for £3. However, it is currently on offer for £1.50 at Wilko.

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Will you be giving your sink the Viakal treatment?

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