This budget patio cleaning hack will scrub up your outdoor space for £2

Freshen up your paving with this cheap and easy tip

In the UK, we've got to take what we can get with the sunny weather as we never know how long it'll last. A freshly scrubbed patio will mean we can sit back and relax with our book, cocktail or copy of Ideal Home without our eyes wandering to dead leaves and grime. That's where an easy care and cleaning hack can come to the rescue.

If your patio is failing to spark joy, Tombola's white vinegar patio cleaning hack is worth trying.

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'If you can’t afford a pressure washer or don’t have an outdoor tap, you might be wondering how to clean your outdoor paving,' says Tombola. 'Did you know you can do it with white vinegar and a strong gardening brush?'

Tombola recommends mixing half white vinegar and water together, letting it sit for around 20 minutes before scrubbing it and rinsing it away. Best of all, a bottle of white vinegar costs less than £2 – making it a total bargain.

Don't substitute white vinegar for your normal malt vinegar from the cupboard, as this is milder so may not be as effective. It will also leave a much stronger smell.

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Before you start, you'll want to clear the space, moving your best garden furniture out the way.

Sweep the whole area, too. White vinegar is a great choice because as well as it's affordable price tag, it's non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Sure, it might smell a bit vinegary for a while but it'll soon dry in the fresh air. If all of a sudden your outdoor table and chairs look a little tired in contrast with your now-gleaming patio, read our guide to how to clean and restore garden furniture.

With a freshly cleaned outdoor living space it's time to freshen up your containers, wheel out your barbecue from the shed, light your best fire pit, and make the most of the summer months.

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The Outdoor Look, a garden retailer specialising in garden materials say it's a frequently used cleaning technique, but advises checking with the manufacturer first to prevent any permanent damage.

'For bigger areas or a full patio clean, using a watering can to spread the solution can make things easier, says The Outdoor Look. 'You can also strengthen the mix depending on the severity of the clean needed.'

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Will you be trying this method?

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