Best fire pits 2021: our favourite chimineas and gas fire pits

Make the most of your garden with the best fire pits of 2021, including everything from chimineas and rustic fire bowls to contemporary gas fire pits and globes.
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  • Even when the weather isn’t playing nice, buying the best fire pit of 2021 will make sure you’re prepared for evenings in the garden when it does. Fire pits can invoke memories of rustic campfires and hot drinks, but many of the top options in our guide can also work as stylish feature pieces in your garden or patio.

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    Some of the best fire pits are powered by classic firewood, with all the smoke and crackling noises you associate with camping trips and bonfires, whereas others are gas fire pits designed to make evening entertaining easier than ever. All you need to do is flip a switch and you’ve got a stylish heater on your hands.

    There are so many styles on offer, from minimalistic fire bowls to multifunctional fire pit tables, perfect for entertaining. If you have a small space or don’t want to risk it with an open flame, our guide to the best fire pits also features some of the best chimineas on the market for all the warmth and charm, but less of the smoke.

    For our top picks of the best fire pit in 2021, keep reading. Alternatively, check out the best patio heaters.

    The best fire pits of 2021

    1. MADE Rada Metal Firepit

    Best fire pit overall

    best fire pit

    Simple and striking, the Rada Metal Firepit has a blocky design that will make the most of even a modest space. It’s got four sturdy legs and a matte black finish.

    The dimensions are 40cm high and 70cm wide and deep. There’s also no assembly needed, so simply add some firewood and enjoy! The steel material is durable, but be prepared to lose the matte black finish if you leave it outside for prolonged periods of time. As with most of the best fire pits, this one will rust.

    2. Crocus Cast Iron Disc Fire Pit

    Best value fire pit

    Crocus Cast Iron Disc Fire Pit

    Who said you can’t get a great fire pit on a budget? The Crocus Cast Iron Disc Fire Pit is a compact option but weighing in at 12kg, it’s sturdy enough for prolonged use this summer. The stand elevates it from your lawn and adds to the otherwise modest 20cm height, and with a width of 60cm it’s a great size for most gardens.

    This budget option has all the charm of some of the more expensive fire pits out there, and its smaller footprint makes it easy to store. Plus, the cast iron design will weather well for use year after year.

    3. MADE Ivy Line Outdoor Fire Pit with Rectangular Base

    Best fire pit table

    MADE Ivy Line Outdoor Fire Pit with Rectangular Base

    The ultimate multi-purpose fire pit, this clay table with iron firepit comes with a log store, and you can buy an additional grate to transform it into a barbecue. We love the tabletop-effect this fire pit gives, making it perfect for sitting around in the evenings and warming your hands over.

    You can use the space under the fire pit table as storage, which is ideal for keeping a firewood supply close for extended evenings.

    4. Cox & Cox Industrial Style Fire Pit

    Best decorative fire pit

    Industrial Style Fire Pit

    available in both small and regular sizes, this fire pit from Cox & Cox is a compact crowd-pleaser. The design is striking and it will age well as it rusts. Because the bowl can be carried and tipped out it’s easy to remove ash and wood after use, and the frame won’t gather and hold water thanks to its clever design.

    This isn’t one for a roaring fire, but if you’re dealing with a smaller space it’s got everything you could ask for. It’s made of raw steel and has that rustic brazier-style design without losing the visibility of your fire as it burns.

    5. Elementi Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table

    Best gas fire pit 

    Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table

    If you want all the joy of a fire pit without the fiddly ignition, opt for a gas fire pit. This Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table from Elementi is a great option for entertaining and it can go on your patio. The gas is discreetly tucked away and it will burn clean because there’s no smoke involved.

    At 68cm wide this is a decent size gas fire pit, so gather round with your patio furniture and enjoy the glow.

    6. Crocus Rusty Square Fire Basket

    Best fire basket

    Rusty square fire basket

    Sturdy and simple, this fire basket comes oxidised and is made of laser-cut steel that looks great and circulates the air for a well-fed fire. It’s safe to use because of the deep design, and with a width of 60cm and a height of 45cm, it’s a pretty generous option without being tricky to store. You could even use it as storage in the off-season.

    This design is a little close to the ground, so be careful about placing it on a prized lawn.

    7. MADE Josper Metal Cut Out Firepit

    Best large fire pit

    Josper Metal Cut Out Firepit actual

    Store your wooden logs below this firepit for easier burning. It’s got a removable bowl that makes cleanup a breeze, and this also makes it easy to access the wood from below. With a width of 87cm this is definitely a large option for some gardens. It does make a statement though, and will give you a roaring fire if you’ve got the garden to accommodate it.

    This design will rust over time, so keep stored away when not in use if you want to preserve the clean black finish.

    8. La Hacienda Arlington Clay Chiminea

    Best chiminea fire pit

    Made of stone-effect clay and with that all-important rain lid, this chiminea fire pit is a top choice for easy assembly and safe construction. If you’re concerned about pets or kids then the contained design will make you feel a little more comfortable, and the open mouth will still give that crackling fire you crave.

    The distressed finish is eclectic and traditional, and because it’s not metal you won’t experience rusting. What’s not to love?

    9. MADE Josper Low Metal Firepit

    Best fire bowl

    Josper Metal Cut Out Firepit

    Deep and low-lying, this fire bowl from MADE is a very popular choice. It has a sturdy frame and removable bowl, meaning you can dispose of ash easily. We also like the unfussy steel design, and think it will age well as it rusts. To avoid rusting though, just keep it out of the rain.

    You do lack storage with this option, where others offer space to keep fire wood and other essentials. The minimal design is a winner for those who want things simple and sleek.

    10. Cox & Cox Outdoor Braziers

    Best brazier

    Cox Outdoor Braziers

    Buy this outdoor brazier from Cox & Cox in small or large sizes, with diameters of 75cm or 100cm respectively. No matter how you look at it, this is an imposing fire pit. It’s also got a natural and simplistic design though, which will work well for prolonged use. The handles will make it easy to move and its legs are attached for the utmost stability.

    This is a mid-price option that will fit the bill for most families, and because you can choose your desired size there’s something for everyone.

    How to choose the best fire pit 2021

    Some fire pits are style statements in and of themselves. There are some beautiful fire globes with cutouts that will cast shadows across your lawn, or simple matte black bowls for a more dramatic look.

    If budget is a consideration, it’s perfectly possible to buy a fire pit for around £30. Some are a lot more expensive though, with larger and more sturdy designs that will see you through summers to come.

    Different types of fire pit include chimineas, which have a (you guessed it) chimney shape, and fire pits, which have a more traditional bowl-style design. Some can even be fitted with a grill for multipurpose use – just stick on some sausages and you’ve got an easy alfresco meal.

    Will a fire pit damage my patio?

    Most fire pits aren’t safe to place on a patio. Not only can their heat discolour your patio, but they can also potentially burn or crack any slabs or wood because they burn so hot and are often low-lying. That said, there are some fire pits that can be placed safely on a patio. A gas fire pit table is designed to elevate the heat source well away from the ground. 

    If in doubt, it’s best to place your fire pit on the lawn. If you do want to place it on the slabs, some retailers advise placing a tile between the fire pit and the patio itself so the patio isn’t damaged. 

    Will a fire pit burn my lawn?

    Metal Cut Out Firepit

    Fire pits are definitely better for your lawn than a campfire. If you’ve spent time carefully cultivating your lawn though, you don’t want to risk any burning. Fire pits could well burn the grass, because while the heat is elevated away from the ground itself the grass does sit quite close.

    To avoid this opt for something on a taller stand that removes your fire pit from the ground as much as possible. You could also place a slab of tile or stone under the fire pit, which will not only stabilise it but will create a barrier between the bowl and the grass.

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