Best fire pits – our round up of the hottest designs

Get set for evenings al fresco with our edit of the best fire pits for the patio and garden

One of the best fire pits filled with burning logs on a paved patio
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The best fire pits on the market make a versatile addition to any outdoor space, banishing the chill on a cool night, and providing an atmospheric focal point for outdoor gatherings.

Since our Stone Age ancestors first tamed fire, humans have been drawn to the flickering flames to cook and find warmth and protection, and there’s no denying that a modern-day fire pit still attracts people to its radius like moths to a… well… flame.

Arguably more atmospheric than investing in one of the best patio heaters money can buy, a fire pit will throw out plenty of heat to keep late-night conversation flowing, and as long as you’re happy with some toasted marshmallows or a simple fire-grilled sausage rather than anything more complex, with the right accessories a fire pit can give some of the best BBQ’s a run for their money. 

We’ve rounded up some of the Ideal Home team’s favourite designs, focusing on style, performance, price, and practicality.

Best fire pits 2024

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How to choose the best fire pit for your outdoor space

Some fire pits are style statements in and of themselves and make great centrepieces for any garden. There are some beautiful designs available, from sculptural pieces to sleek chimeneas. 

But aside from being a stylish addition to the garden, price, fuel type and whether they double up as a barbecue or practical table are important things to think about. 

When considering budget, it’s perfectly possible to buy a fire pit for around £50, or for well over £100, and even £1000+. As a general rule, we'd say the larger and more sturdy designs that are often more expensive, will see you through many summers to come. 

Versatility is also worth considering. If you can use your fire pit for more than just a heat source, you're likely to use it more often, making it an overall better value buy. 

Copper Rim Fire Pit on wooden decking with chairs around

(Image credit: Vouhaus)

Can I put my fire pit on grass?

Fire pits are definitely better for your lawn than a campfire. If you’ve spent time carefully cultivating your lawn though, you don’t want to risk any burning. Fire pits could well burn the grass, because while the heat is elevated away from the ground itself the grass does sit quite close. To avoid this opt for something on a taller stand that removes your fire pit from the ground as much as possible. You could also place a slab of tile or stone under the fire pit, which will not only stabilise it but will create a barrier between the bowl and the grass.

Most fire pits aren’t safe to place on a patio either. Not only can their heat discolour your patio, but they can also potentially burn or crack any slabs or wood because they burn so hot and are often low-lying. That said, there are some fire pits that can be placed safely on a patio, like a gas fire pit table that's designed to elevate the heat source well away from the ground.

Want to know how to create the ideal fire pit set up? See our firepit ideas to turn up the heat in your garden, without damaging anything in the process. 

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