Half of Brits wouldn't pay a pro to do their DIY because of THIS

Is it really to save money or do we just crave the Instagram praise?

For some of us, a weekend of DIY jobs fills us with dread. However, it seems one in three of Brits would prefer to reach for the toolbox over paying a professional.

Research by Hitachi Personal Finance found that more homemakers than ever are saving cash and opting to take on DIY projects themselves.

What's more, there's a generational divide, with 57 per cent of Millenials more likely to 'have a go' before paying a handyman, compared to 52 per cent of those aged over 65 tuning to a pro, believing they'll get a better quality job done.

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Why Brits prefer to DIY

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It's not just to save on funds, either, as interiors expert Pandora Maxton reveals, 'There are a few reasons why I love DIY – cost pays a large part in to be honest. However, not only are we saving money, but what comes with DIY projects is the enormous amount of satisfaction; you can really own it, feel proud and appreciate it much more.'

Here's just one example of Pandora's handiwork...

Compared to Gen Z (those born between the mid '90s and early 2000s) – who are most likely to DIY to save money (53 per cent) – it's 18-24 year olds and over 65s who said they took on projects simply for the satisfaction of a job well done (32 per cent each).

What's more, it turns out us Brits are also a bunch of show-offs! With interiors influencers like Leanne Lim-Walker tallying thousands of Likes and compliments on Instagram showcasing their DIY and upcycling skills, could it be the next generation is a 'slave to the 'gram' even when it comes to home improvements?

So where are these avid DIYers living in the UK? Drum roll please...

Wales takes the top spot, with 59 per cent preferring to 'do it themselves' over shelling out cash for a professional. Seconded by Scotland and Northern Ireland, both at 57 per cent. Central England came third (53 per cent), Northern England ranked fourth (52 per cent) and South West England came in last, with only 50 per cent of residents taking on DIY jobs.

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Check out these top tips from TV DIY expert, Georgina Burnett, on how to ensure your DIY projects run smoothly:

How to DIY successfully

1. Preparation is key

Make sure you’re fully prepared before you start a job. Check you have all the appropriate equipment, do your research - either through word of mouth or looking online - and ensure you are fully prepared for how long it’s going to take. Try to avoid rushing or leaving the job half done.

2. Source the best tools

It’s essential that you have the right tools for the job, it will always give you a more professional result in half the time. You don’t need to invest heavily - ask friends and family to borrow or you can rent bigger items.

3. Know when to call the professionals

Know your limits! Never touch plumbing and electrics unless you are fully qualified. At best, you may do a botch job which will be costly to correct. At worst, it could be fatal!

4. Have fun!

Enjoy your DIY experience. Involve the whole family and make it fun. Get in some tasty snacks, put on some party music and make an event of it. Rather than dreading it and seeing it as a chore, visualise yourself enjoying it and relishing the sense of achievement at the end.

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Are you a pro DIY homemaker or do you prefer to call in the professionals?

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