Wilko reveals top 10 best-selling paint shades of all time – with some colourful surprises!

The retailer has explored paint trends through the ages...
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  • So what are the best-selling shades since Wilko paint launched? And what were the influences? Analysing sales of its paint range from the last 20 years Wilko have revealed how trends have developed over time.

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    Top 10 best-selling Wilko paints

    While shades of grey take a number of the top-spots many Brits have  been opting for more adventurous colours over the years, including uplifting citrus yellow and warming red tones.

    1.Grey Whisper

    Grey Whisper Wilko paint

    Grey tops the charts, that’s no real surprise is it? A modern classic paint choice, grey living rooms and more have become the go-to when it comes to neutral colour schemes.

    Wilko suggest it’s the ‘Mrs Hinch’ effect. With shoppers going ‘grey crazy’, inspired by the home of the cleaning influencer, as seen on her Instagram feed packed with shots of the muted shades she uses to decorate her home.

    Buy now: One Coat Matt Emulsion Paint in Grey Whisper, £16 for 2.5L, Wilko

    2. Pearl Grey

    Pearl Grey wilko paint on living room walls

    This popular grey tone has a hint of lilac to it, which incidentally is very of the now in terms of fashion colour palettes. Could be a reason behind it’s popularity as a paint shade of choice?

    Buy now: Silk Emulsion Paint in Pearl Grey, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    3. Duck Egg

    nursery walls with painted duck egg mountain mural

    Duck Egg has always been a country classic. This cool toned blue is the perfect accent shade to rustic natural materials. For inspiration on how to use it in your home read more: Duck egg living room ideas to help you create a beautiful scheme

    To keep it fresh over the years the faithful hue has been reimagined, painted alongside bolder accent colours of cerise pink and burnt orange to give it another dimension.

    Buy now: Matt Emulsion Paint in Duck Egg, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    4. Magnolia

    Magnolia Wilko paint

    This creamy neutral shade was the tone of the early noughties, when it came to interior decor. No doubt the popularity of makeover TV shows such as Changing Rooms meant that magnolia and cream were the most popular shades at the start of the century.

    Watch this space because these such warm neutrals are due to make an imminent comeback.

    Buy now: Silk Emulsion Paint in Magnolia, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    5. Mineral stone

    grey paint on alchove

    Another grey shade, darker in tone to the two previous best-selling shades.

    Buy now: Silk Emulsion Paint in Mineral Stone, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    6. Tinsel Town Red

    Tinsel Town Wilko paint

    There’s nothing neutral about this bold shade. Surely sales were inspired by the days of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on Changing Rooms, with his fearless colour choices.

    Buy now: Silk Emulsion Paint in Tinsel Town, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    7. Happy Yellow

    Happy Yellow Wilko paint

    The name says it all. A best-seller of all time thanks to its uplifting nature…could this sunny yellow become even more popular, after this year.

    Buy now: Matt Emulsion Paint in Pearl Grey, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    8. Candy Cane

    pink bedroom wall with bed

    Pink is always a popular decorating choice, especially for bedrooms so it’s no surprise it features in the top 10. This Wilko shade of pink is less peachy than on-trend Millennial Pink, giving an indication that it’s a longstanding favourite.

    Buy now: Silk Emulsion Paint in Candy Cane, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    9. Storm Cloud

    As the name suggests, this popular grey is reminiscent of stormy grey skies.

    Buy now: Silk Emulsion Paint in Storm Cloud, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

    10. Cosy Grey

    A grey that feels warm and cosy, it’s a clear winner in our eyes.

    Buy now: Silk Emulsion Paint in Cosy Grey, £12 for 2.5L, Wilko

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    Which of the best-selling shades is your favourite?

    Wilko paint first launched back in 1973, as one of the retailer’s original own-brand products – now one of its most popular products. In-house innovation teams have worked hard ever since to create trend-driven shades of paints for all our decorating needs.

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