What are the biggest perks of working from home?

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  • Not having to commute, being able to stay in your pyjamas all-day and not having to do tea rounds are among biggest perks of working from home

    Put on your PJs and grab a cup of coffee because most of us now enjoy working from home.

    Researchers polled 2,000 people who work from home and identified the benefits of doing so – including the avoidance of office politics and – annoying colleagues – though we could never say that about our lovely lot! However, it comes with distractions too – with the most common being daytime TV, social media and household chores, such as emptying the washing machine. Other common diversions include taking in parcel deliveries, cleaning the house and internet shopping.

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    Commissioned by Drayton, makers of the smart home heating system, WISER, the research also found those working from home are typically distracted six times a day.

    Further advantages to working from home include being able to have the radio on, flexible working hours and saving money on childcare. The research also found the largest proportion of those surveyed – 36 per cent – do all their work from the living room and 26 per cent do it from the home office. However, 13 per cent work from the kitchen, around one in 10 work from their beds – and some even work from the bathroom.

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    ‘Our research aims to shine a light on what it’s like to work from home – and as it shows, there are plenty of benefits. ‘Arguably the biggest challenge they face is staying focused because there are plenty of potential distractions. But analysis of our findings shows those who work from home feel they are as effective, if not more effective, as those who work in traditional workplaces such as offices, ‘ says a spokesman for Drayton.

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    With more and more of us enjoying the benefits of flexible working, it is important that you use your time constructively. If you want to stay focused while working from home, we suggest that you have a separate home office or study area, even if that just means a little corner of the living room or bedroom. Make sure to position your desk in an area where you able to make the most of natural light, and always be sure to take an adequate lunch break. We recommend going for a walk, reading a book, or listening to relaxing music.

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