Yankee Candle Advent Calendars 2018 are here – and there’s one for every budget

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  • It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!

    There will always be a place in our hearts for chocolate advent calendars – and thanks Mums for still sending us one even though some of us are WELL into our 30s. But they’ve got nothing on the new range of Yankee Candle advent calendars for 2018. Filled with tea lights – and sometimes more substantial candles – each day’s gift will provide you hours of pleasure, rather than the few fleeting moments it takes to wolf down a piece of Cadbury’s finest.

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    How you enjoy your candles is up to you. Maybe you burn one every day – even the smallest tea lights have a minimum burn time of six hours, which is VERY impressive. Or maybe you’d like to save them for a few days and then burn them together, creating your own heady scent through the art of ‘mixology’ – or as we call it, trial and error!

    We’ve rounded up the very best Yankee Candle has to offer this year. From the budget busting to the purse friendly. Which will you choose?

    Yankee Candle Advent Calendars 2018

    1. The Yankee Candle Tower


    If your attitude towards advent calendars is ‘go big or go home’, this is the one for you. It features 24 boxes of joy, ranging from diddy tea lights to small jar candles, worth £8.99 each alone. You’ll also get a votive holder, and gold wick trimmer and snuffer so you can look like a total pro in front of your friends.

    Buy now: Tower advent calendar, £74.99, Yankee Candle

    2. The Yankee Candle fold-out version, £34.99


    Ok, so not EVERYONE has £75 to spend on candles pre-Christmas. So next down the budget ladder is this still classy but more affordable fold-out box, which opens up to reveal what’s described as ‘a magical holiday scene.’

    You get 12 votive candles and 12 tea lights, and given each one lasts for at least six hours, you’re still getting plenty of burn for your buck. You’ll also get to enjoy four new fragrances for 2018 – Glittering Star, Icy Blue Spruce, Frosty Gingerbread and Winter Wonder. These can be burned inside the glittering mercury glass holder that comes with the set (as seen on the table).

    Buy now: Fold-out advent calendar, £34.99, Yankee Candle

    3. The Boots ‘Classic’ version, £24.99


    If you’re planning to save up your candles and burn them all at once – say on Christmas Day – this might be the right option for you. And at £24.99, it’s a full tenner cheaper. Instead of lots of different fragrances, you’ll get just five, but repeated four or five times. They include favourites such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Cookie. There are 23 tea lights in the box – however, on the 24th December, you’ll receive a votive candle as an extra special treat.

    Buy now: Yankee Candle Classic Advent Calendar Gift Set, £24.99, Boots 

    4. The Debenhams Wreath, £20


    Last but not least, we have the bargain that is the Debenhams Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar. This all-tea lights affair includes eight different ‘smells’ eluding newbies Icy Blue Spruce and Glittering Star. They’re joined by All Is Bright, Crackling Wood Fire, Sparkling Cinnamon, The Perfect Tree, Winter Glow and Snowflake Cookie. Crackling Wood Fire is one of our picks – untilike a lot of ‘fire effect’ candles, it’s not too smoky.

    Buy now: Yankee Candle Wreath advent calendar gift set, £20, Debenhams

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    If these don’t spark up your excitement for Christmas, nothing will!

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