Zoflora has launched a new range that promises to be completely safe for pets

Your new secret weapon against 'wet dog' smell

If your home is plagued by the smell of wet dog, the new Zoflora for pets range could be the cure.

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Mrs Hinch's favourite disinfectant is a cleaning cult favourite. However, the new Fresh Home range has been launched especially for homes with pets.

Zoflora has become a controversial subject among many pet owners. News reports in December 2019 revealed that vets had been treating a number of pets for injuries caused by the disinfectant.

Zoflora for pets range

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The new range promises to be safe for pet owners as long as it is used according to the instructions. Zoflora has even hired an on-staff vet to make sure no harm comes to your furry friends when cleaning.

Zoflora's Fresh Home is an odour eliminator and disinfectant. Containing a patented malodour technology, it has been successfully tested against a whole host of pet smells from urine to 'wet dog' smell.

So if your beloved cat has an accident in the living room, simply wipe the area with some Zoflora diluted in water. Nobody will ever know.

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Coming soon: Fresh Home Coastal Breeze, £5.99, Zoflora

The new range still features the gorgeous scents that Zoflora is famous for. However, they have been devised to be gentle on your pets sensitive noses.

It is currently available in three fragrances, including Mountain Air, Green Valley and the latest scent, Coastal Breeze. Coastal Breeze recreates the smell of the seaside with notes of green fig, bergamot, orange and sea salt accord.

However, Zoflora stresses that while the new range is designed to pet households, as with all cleaning products care needs to be taken when using it.

'Zoflora is safe to use in your home if you have pets, but it is important you follow the instructions for use,' says Cat Henstridge, Zoflora's new resident vet. 'Don't let your furry family onto the floors or surfaces until they are completely dry.'

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'If you have fish or reptiles in tanks, make sure they are covered over while you clean with Zofora and for at least half an hour afterwards,' she adds. 'If you use Zoflora correctly, follow the instructions and keep the bottles well out of reach, it is a safe product to use in your home and around your pets.'

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