The laundry essential that's taking Instagram by storm – we predict this will be an autumn bestseller

Our editors already swear by the brand

A Brabantia clothes airer is a kitchen
(Image credit: Brabantia)

Brabantia‘s home essentials never disappoint. Whether it’s their bins, ironing boards or, in this case, Brabantia clothes airer that’s taking over Instagram and soon our homes. 

Our editors are already smitten with the brand’s outdoors rotary clothes dryer. And now they predict the indoor clothes airer is one of the best clothes airers around, set to become the household must-have of the cold months ahead.

The brand offers a range of indoor clothes airers but the one that the whole Ideal Home is wanting is the Brabantia HangOn Drying Rack with Centre Rod, 25m available at John Lewis for £59.99. What’s so special about this one? It’s in the name, really – the central rail on top, ideal for drying clothes on hangers. Is this genius or what?!

The Brabantia clothes airer is set to become this autumn’s laundry essential

A Brabantia clothes airer is a kitchen

(Image credit: Maria @43metroscuadrados)

At Ideal Home, we’re fans of Brabantia, whether it’s the Bo Touch Bin or the now iconic rotary outdoors clothes dryer. Both our Editor, Heather Young, and Decor Editor, Amy Lockwood, are its happy owners.

‘We've had our Brabantia rotary dryer for over ten years and it still looks as good as new, even though it lives outside all year,’ Heather says.

So it’s no surprise the whole team is low-key obsessed with Brabantia’s clever indoor clothes airer design, making for the perfect laundry room idea now that the temperatures are starting to drop. 

And Instagram seems to agree as many post their favourite Brabantia clothes airers in aesthetically pleasing posts like the one above by @43metroscuadrados.

‘Sadly I'm now at the age where I get excited about things like clothes airers,’ Amy laughs. ‘But this Brabantia model makes drying laundry indoors so much easier. The fold out wings are perfect for drying longer items like towels, trousers and dresses, and that unique hanging rail means you can also dry items more likely to crease on their hangers – perfect for cutting down on ironing!’

That’s right, this is further adding to the ironing debate as more and more people ditch their irons in favour of hacks like this one. If you can call a laundry drying rack a hack.

But this is by no means the only clothes airer Brabantia makes. The brand offers a whole range of them. And what’s even better is that many of them are on sale right now on Amazon with the below being our top picks to save yourself your hard-earned pounds.

Drying your laundry has never been easier.

Sara Hesikova
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