Craft corner: How to upcycle old furniture

Want to upcycle an old piece of furniture? Learn how to distress a simple cabinet with our step-by-step guide. In this episode of Craft Corner we show you how to paint and distress a bedside table to turn it into a statement piece of furniture.

Step 1: Choose your paint colour and stir well

Step 2: Paint your first coat

Step 3: Leave to dry

Step 4: Paint another coat of the same colour

Step 5: Leave to dry

Step 6: Choose your top colour paint and stir

Step 7: Paint until the whole bedside table is covered

Step 8: Leave to dry

Step 9: Lightly sand to bring the under paint colour through

Step 10: Rub wax into the surface

Step 11: Add a pretty handle or knob and voila!

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