Designer Spotlight: Ben de Lisi on his personal style

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  • In our latest video we talk to designer, Ben de Lisi who shares his passion for 1950s design, his love of bold colour and his passion for art. “I am very inspired by the 1950s and by Picasso, Kandinsky, Rothko, Bracht, Brancusi, Modigliani, Nicholson – those artists never fail to inspire me and I will look to them for geometric shapes, colours and texture,” explains Ben. “Eames, Jacobson, Bertoya – they’re pure and user-friendly and that makes them endless and timeless.” Speaking about his own decorating style Ben says: “My own sense of style is to layer things. I am an avid collector – I collect art and ceramics and sculpture. In my staircase in my home in Battersea there are paintings from the wall to the floor. They are all pieces that mean something to me – some of the things are actually mine – I love to paint and I love to sculpt.” Colour also plays an important part in Ben’s design process.“The one colour I am drawn to is red. Red permeates my house whether it is in Venetian glass or merino glass or a red cushion.” “I remember growing up in Long Island, New York, We had a house in the countryside– we didn’t have a lot of money, but my mother was very creative and if my mother wanted something, my father created it for her. I remember in the kitchen, it was very simple, the dining table where we ate was Formica and it has a 50s design on it. She picked out the colour of it – a lilac colour. She created planters on either side in the same colour. I was the oldest of three boys and I was always watching and looking at what she did. I was into art and sewing my own clothes.”

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