Wiggle lamps are the up-and-coming lighting trend we’re seeing everywhere – these are 6 of the most stylish ones to shop now

The lighting style taking over the high street

John Lewis Wiggle Table Lamp, Walnut
(Image credit: M&S Home)

This year, it’s chic home lighting’s time to shine as stylish as lamps of all shapes and sizes take over the high street and designer stores alike – and inevitably ending up on our wish list. The latest addition, and object of our desires? The cool wiggle lamp designs.

Consisting of a wave-shaped base with a regular lampshade atop, this groovy lighting trend might be new but we’re already starting to see it popping up in our favourite shops. With its innate sense of movement and minimalist design it's anything but boring.

John Lewis Wiggle Table Lamp, Walnut

(Image credit: John Lewis)

A wiggle base works perfectly for both table and floor lamps – and we found 6 of the best designs in this statement style that are available to shop now. And if you’re not sure how to style them, then our interior experts come with their tips to the rescue.

Our favourite wiggle lights

Why should you buy a wiggle lamp?

The rising popularity of wiggle lamps in recent months can be largely credited to the larger curvy home decor trend which favours curved furniture, home accessories and even architectural elements over harsh angles.

‘Over the past few years we’ve seen a revival of curved shapes and irregular lines in interior design - and this has been particularly popular within lighting trends, from mushroom lamps to scalloped lampshades,’ says Marlena Kaminska, designer at ValueLights.

And just like the glass mushroom lamp trend, this lighting style, too, is an expression of biophilic design as we long to include and reference the great outdoors and nature in our interiors more.

ValueLights Wiggle Floor Lamp with Origami Shade

(Image credit: ValueLights)

‘The trend of wavy-base lamps we're seeing this year primarily draws inspiration from the organic and fluid forms prominent in the biomorphic design trend, which emphasises natural shapes and a sense of movement,’ says Sam Sutherland, Flitch interior stylist.

‘This trend can also be linked to the broader influence of the 1970s and 1980s postmodern design revival, characterised by playful and unconventional forms.’

Wiggle lamps are also much loved for their versatility, easily appealing both to minimalists and maximalists. ‘Largely the trend of wavy and wiggle lamps reflects a desire to balance both minimalist and maximalist influences in modern homes,' adds Marlena.

'Playing with shape and texture, as opposed to colour, allows homeowners to bring creativity into their homes without having to break away from a neutral palette, adding a touch of whimsical charm while still feeling contemporary.'


(Image credit: Perch & Parrow)

How to style a wiggle lamp

Wiggle lamps make for the perfect living room lighting idea as thanks to their visually striking design, they should be properly displayed for all to see.

‘Thanks to their unique design, we love sitting wiggle lamps in spots that will highlight their artistic design on bookshelves nestled amongst your houseplants or displayed on a coffee table as an eye-catching accent piece,’ says Marlena.

M&S Hallie Floor Lamp

(Image credit: M&S Home)

‘To style a wavy-base lamp, position it on a table or desk where it can serve as a focal point,' agrees Sam. 'Pair it with furniture that has clean lines, matching the shade with accent colours to create a cohesive look. Complement the lamp with soft, textured fabrics and keep the surrounding decor minimal to let the lamp stand out.’

We're pretty confident in betting that these wiggle lamps will be finding their way into your home, too. Enjoy!

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