Designer Spotlight: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen talks trends

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  • We head to the Ideal Home Show 2016 to talk to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen about the latest trends in home decorating.

    “The big thing about decorating in the UK is that everyone has becomes so literate – the home has now become something that we have engaged with. We know our favourite things, we know how we like things. One of the best bits of advice I would give everyone is don’t stagnate, keep changing, and keep moving. Our lives change, our relationship with where we live changes and we do need to push our boundaries. Last year I was doing a show on Colour here – I spent most of the time slagging off yellow. Guess what my favourite colour is? Yellow, Exactly. Never stay still. Because more than anything, if you stay still, where am I going to make my money? It is your responsibility to buy interior products so I can put shoes on my children’s feet. Preferably from Prada!”

    “Trends are very interesting at the moment. There is a real sense of springtime coming into British decorating. For the last few years decorating has been very much inspired by the British economy, so it’s been a bit doom and gloom. It’s been about burrowing and making places that we feel safe, so colours have been quite womb-like – plums, blacks and purples. Lots of chandeliers and velvet and fur. Suddenly in the last 10 months, there’s been a real sense of people opening the curtains, so colours are much lighter and brighter, there’s still a lot of pattern and print, but it’s bit more cheerful – it’s colours like jades, tangerines and raspberries. Furniture has got more 20th century. Less boudoir and more mid-century as we designers like to call it.”

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