Pin It or Bin It: How to make a copper pipe candelabra

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  • In this episode of Pin It or Bin It Heather shows off her DIY skills by trying to make a cool copper pipe candelabra technique. How will her crafty experience go? Given that this idea is based on a Pinterest pin, Heather’s hoping the instructions actually work. Watch to find out more…

    For this copper pipe candelabra, you will need:- 22mm copper pipe- 22mm copper pipe candelabra- pencil- ruler- 4 equal t-pieces- 4 elbows- 4 couples- 4 candlesStep 1: First use a ruler to measure out 4 pieces of copper pipe at 25 cm each. Step 2: A pipe cutter is a nifty tool, slide it onto the pipe and line up the blade with your pencil marks. Twist it around until it cuts the copper pipe.Step 3: Measure 4 pieces of copper pipe at 15cm eachStep 4: Attach the elbows to 2 of the long sections of copper pipe to create a base.Step 5: Attach the t-pieces to the shorter lengths of pipe.Step: 6: To create the design attach the shorter pieces in a vertical arrangement and the longer pieces horizontally.
    The end result is a large candelabra, but it’s a bit too big to put in the middle of a table!

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