The £20 Challenge: Ardingly Antiques and Collectors Fair

Welcome to the £20 Challenge with Laurie and Emily from Style at Home magazine. Today they are at the Ardingly Antiques &Collectors Fair near Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

The ladies have a project in mind, because, as they say, the fair is so big you could be wandering around for ages if you are not sure what you are looking for! Laurie and Emily have been given 20 pounds to find a treasure to revamp into something amazing.

After a busy day shopping and haggling, the girls show off their bargains – three ornate silver trays. They have a few ideas up their sleeve about how to transform them, but in the meantime they head for a drink to celebrate their bargains – all for only 11 pounds!

Back at Style at Home HQ Laurie explains that she is set to turn all three trays into noticeboards – one with blackboard paint, the other by turning it into a magnet and the final smaller one, will become a corkboard!

Check out the November issue of Style at Home to see the step-by-step guide. Loved this? Visit our dedicated videos page

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