The Handmade Wedding: How to make burlap bunting

From details to favours, get plenty of creative ideas for your big day with our brand new series, The Handmade Wedding. In this episode Kate shows you how to make beautiful rustic country bunting. To do so you will need:-Scissors- Card- A pen- Burlap- Pins- Glue gun- A print out of your choice- TwineStep 1: Create a template for the bunting by drawing a triangle (the measurements used here were 15cm across and 20cm down) on a piece of cardStep 2: Take a length of burlap, how much of it you take depends on how much bunting you want to make. For the Mr & Mrs bunting, a metre was used according to the measurements above.Step 3: Fold your burlap in half and iron along it to get rid of any creases. Then take your stencil and draw as many triangles as needed for your lettering.Step 4: Pin in between each triangle to ensure they stay secure and do not move around as you cut them out.Step 5: Next, print out your lettering in the font you want and cut each individual letter out. Step 6: Open up the bunting and place your letter in the middle then fold the bunting back over. Take a marker and trace over your letter, repeating this step for all of your letters.Step 7: Take a piece of twine and open up your bunting. Then lay the piece of twine flat against the crease.Step 8: Take your glue gun and line the edges of the bunting with glue. Then fold over and gently press down to hold in place. Repeat this step for all of your bunting letters.Don’t forget to check out all the other videos in this series if you’re planning a rustic country wedding.

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