Easter decorating ideas that bring spring inside

We all love dressing our homes for the festive season but these Easter decorating ideas prove that the first bank holiday of the year can be every bit as special

Bring some of the sunshine and energy of the new season into your home with some simple craft makes and Easter decorating ideas. As an alternative to the traditional Easter style sugared-almond-style eggs and baby animal decorations, this year welcome guests with a little understated woodland style; turn leafy greenery and flowers into delightful rustic adornments that are perfect for Easter… or just springtime in general. Stepping beyond the hallway and living areas to the dining room space, food always tastes better in a beautiful setting, so why not put a little extra effort into (Easter) Sunday lunch and create a relaxed, contemporary table dressing that makes an ideal setting for a special meal with family and friends?

Make an Easter wreath

Swap out your ideas of wintry wreaths for a light, spring-like design that can be hung on walls for a simple nod to the season (and simultaneously hits the mark with this year’s botanicals trend). Gather some of the season’s prettiest yellow-and-white blooms for this fresh-flower wreath. Bend a length of pre-soaked willow into a ring, and gently twist into shape – as it dries, this should hold without any extra fixings. Secure sprigs of rosemary along the sides and fern leaves along the base of the ring, securing with florist’s wire. Then attach the biggest of your flowers, followed by the smaller buds, binding the stems to the wreath base using florists wire. If you’re not sure which blooms to use, we chose hellebore, narcissi and star of Bethlehem. Cut back any long stems, and then hang in your home for a beautifully scented and fresh-looking Easter decoration.

Create a spring centrepiece

If you want to take that rustic vibe a bit further, turn your hand to making a twiggy planter that’s inspired by wild woodland floors. Gather a selection of twigs from the garden,  sort them into two groups – thinner and thicker twigs. Use a staple gun to attach the first layer of the thinner twigs to a slender slice of a tree log, which is slightly bigger than the diameter of a medium garden pot (be sure to measure this first). Glue a second layer of a thicker twigs around the edge, using a glue gun, and then cover the staples and glue with a band of linen, tied in place with florist’s wire. Plant some flowering bulbs inside the planter itself and place into the twiggy planter cover for a sunny-looking rustic floral hallway display.

Decorate with Easter eggs

And speaking of displays… Easter isn’t complete without easter eggs, but this simple and elegant table display – suitable for a subtle dining room centrepiece or a seasonal accent elsewhere in the house – is totally design friendly and sugar-free to boot! Choose a ceramic design for a modern country look, and carefully layer up a mixture of different eggs to highlight the shells’ delicate textures and patterns. Combined with a backdrop of Scandinavian-influenced tactile linens, crisp white crockery and naturalistic floral foliage, this neat little piece brings a little magic to a grown-up meal.

Mix in modern designs

There are so many ways you can dress a tabletop for Easter but this modern country look is pure pared-back elegance. Stepping the Easter theme up a notch, but without going overboard with bunnies, lambs and ducklings, we’d suggest you dress the table in a similar way to the mood you want to feel over Easter – informal yet stylish, obviously. Bring the food and the foliage to the fore with a simple monochrome table scheme; mix up striped detailing by pairing the table cloth’s wide stripe with finer lines on the napkins. Warm navy blue on textiles and glassware brings the smartness to this casual scheme, the perfect foil to the fresh greens of the floral displays.

Put together stylish place settings

Add a special touch to place settings with personalised name cards. Punch two holes in a plain white card with each guest’s name handwritten in calligraphy upon it, and thread a fresh flower’s stem through for a pretty, welcome to the dining table. Warm-toned cutlery brings an extra dimension to the cool-coloured scheme, providing a lovely optimistic glow for the new season… or just that particular meal!

Fill the house with flowers

But mealtimes needn’t be the end of this seasonal decorative journey – you can extend the florals throughout the house without going all-out flower power. Just create a delicate garland, like this one, by twisting a selection of leaves, ferns and seasonal flowers at intervals along a length of florist’s wire, and hang it up to bring a springtime vibe to whatever space it’s located in. Displays of daffodils or tulips in fuss-free white ceramics, and against rough-hewn wooden surfaces, simply add to the charm.

Give a little piece of spring (and have fun doing it)

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If you’re feeling crafty and inspired, then why not share the springtime love by making a fresh-flower Easter gift for your friends and family. The birds are busy making nests, so why not join them by fashioning a cute decorative planter for flowering bulbs? Weave together spirals of grapevine garland using florists’ wire to create a nest-like shape. Place a small piece of plastic into the base of the nest to make it waterproof, and add the flowering bulbs and soil – we recommend narcissi and muscari. Top with a layer of moss, and it’s ready to gift.

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