What you need to know before you put up a fence

Replacing fencing is easy if you do some initial planning and it can make a huge difference to your garden

Fencing can make or break your garden. A broken down fence will make even the greenest oasis look unkempt whereas a crisp new one will make it look smarter. The good news is that replacing a fence is a relatively easy job: you just need to do some groundwork beforehand.

1. Find out whether the fence is yours to change. Generally, if the posts are on your side, it is yours.

2. Ask your neighboursÂ’ permission to walk on their property, as it is much easier to put up a fence from both sides.

3. Fences range from flat-packed to bespoke so draw up a budget that is realistic for you.

4. Choose the right style for your garden. Panels made of woven hazel are perfect for country gardens, whereas contemporary ones work better with light softwood panels or metal fences.

5. Prepare the area by removing plants or, where appropriate, cutting them to the ground.

6. You can put up the fence yourself or, if you don’t fancy all that digging, get a tradesman to do it for you. If you need to find a local one, Rated People has thousands of recommended experts that can help you.

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