How to decorate with green, the most peaceful of colours

Looking for ways to decorate with green? Whether you want a bold green wall paint, patterned wallpaper or a more muted accent, these looks are here to inspire you

kitchen with vintage chair and table
(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Humans have long been programmed to feel relaxed around the colour green. Back in more primitive times, the presence of green meant that water was nearby and there would be no danger of starvation. Even now that we live in more comfortable environments, this hard-wired instinct remains, meaning we associate green with peace, balance and harmony. So what could be a better colour for your interiors?

If you're wondering how to decorate with green, take a look at the ideas below for inspiration. From prints to block colours and wallpaper to tiles, there's sure to be something you'll love.

Get back to nature

room with green sofa and white wooden flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Green is the colour of nature, so it couldn't be more appropriate for fabrics and wallpapers that feature plant motifs. Here, the key to the wallpaper and curtain prints working together is their white backgrounds, which create a unified look, rather than a clash.

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Pick statement furniture

room with wooden flooring and light pink wall

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Colour doesn't have to dominate your room to make an impact, as is clearly illustrated in this beautiful dining room. Statement dining chairs upholstered in velvety emerald-green fabric are the only colourful pieces here, but if anything, it makes them more impactful. The luxe material also provides a wonderful juxtaposition to the more natural and neutral finishes in the rest of the room.

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Combine paper and paint

living room with leather sofa and fire place

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Want to try a wallpaper, but don't want it to be all over the walls? Find a compromise by papering up to the picture rail and then painting above it. For the perfect pairing, pick a shade in a similar tone to your wallpaper so that the two elements blend well together.

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Go bold with emerald

room with green wall and wooden flooring

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Green comes in all sorts of hues, so if you're a fan of strong colours, you'll easily find a bold shade within the fabulous green colour palette. This wall paint creates a vibrant entrance hall and, teamed with dramatic artworks and mid-century furniture, creates a space you'll definitely not forget.

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Mix green with white

kitchen with vintage chair and table

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Stick to two main colours - apple green and pure white - and you can mix in as many patterns as you like without it looking busy. So that the prints don't become overwhelming, make use of plain white to balance the look. A small section of white wall and the tablecloth work their magic here.

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Paint a block colour

room with light green wall and lamp

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This pale green is such a light and calm colour that you can get away with using it in large areas without making the room seem smaller. Choose accessories in complementary hues in a fun mix of patterns, but don't go overboard - glass pieces will help to tone things down.

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Choose a brave combination

living room with Seaweed wallpaper and Oscar sofa in Cobalt Smart Velvet

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

We've all heard that green and blue should not be seen, but this room totally defies the colour rule. Whether you fancy the mellow blues and greens of the wallpaper or love the lively injections of zesty block colours, it's easier than you think to mix these two hues.

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Go for a moody hue

Room with steal side table and lamp

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lisa Cohen)

If you're not in to pale green or bright green, you might like a darker shade. Ideal for creating a soothing and super-relaxed look in the bedroom, this wall paint makes a great backdrop to white sheets. A modern bedside table with a sheeny finish adds a bit of sparkle and stops the deep colours from looking 'flat.'

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Add colour with tiles

bathroom with wooden flooring and wooden cabinet

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Metro tiles are all the rage, but why not give them a new look with a pale sage colour? Used from floor to ceiling, they create a cool and contemporary look that lets the white fittings shine. Slate flooring is a good choice, as it adds texture and depth to the scheme, as does the warm wood of the vanity unit.

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Green, in all its broad spectrum of tones, is a great decorating choice that will work in any room. And as green is Pantone's colour of the year, it's sure to be super popular in 2017. Wherever you choose to use it, we know you'll love it.