Alesha Dixon's Home Truths - and why her Christmas decs stay up for 4 months

Presenter, singer, dancer and author Alesha Dixon explains how she spends Christmas with her family each year

Home Truths Alesha Dixon
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Alesha Dixon - the multitasking presenter, singer, dancer, author and mum to two daughters Azura and Anaya Safiya, lives in Hertfordshire with her husband Azuka their family. 

Here, she gives us a little insight into how they spend Christmas every year, from the decorations to the traditions their young family are creating.

What is your favourite time at Christmas?

Christmas morning is always special but I love everything about Christmas because I get to spend time with my family. After a busy year it’s so nice to switch off from the rest of the world for a short while.

What’s your non-negotiable, must-have at home at Christmas?

Cosy socks, dressing gown and slippers! And plenty of treats!

What part of Christmas planning do you love the best?

To be honest, it’s always hectic but I secretly love it. I love wrapping the girls presents the night before with a glass of wine and listening to music. 

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What part of Christmas planning do you dislike the most?

I guess I’d have to say having to prep all the food! But again this can be nice if you have good music and good company. The last minute dash around the shops is never fun but it’s also a relief once it’s all done.

Home Truths Alesha Dixon

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What smell says ‘Christmas’ to you?

Candles are such a lovely thing all year round but I do love the smell of cinnamon at Christmas time!

When do you put up your decorations?

Usually the first week in December! I’m not very good at taking them down! I think ours stayed up for three months after last Christmas! But they looked so nice so why not!

Are you a Christmas minimalist or do you prefer to go all out?

I’m a minimalist! I like it to be tasteful and I change the colours from time to time. I’ve become more relaxed with it since having children as they like to help with everything now. They make it even more special.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration? And why?

I like the ones my children make at school! I have a smaller tree in the kitchen area which they decorate and a larger one in the living room which I decorate.

Do you have any traditions at Christmas?

We pretty much do the same thing every year! My daughter Azuka lays out the snow and makes footprints so the girls know that Father Christmas has visited. We do presents for the kids in the morning and presents for the adults after dinner! We play games, we eat and listen to a lot of music.

Home Truths Alesha Dixon

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Do you host friends and family over the holidays? And if so, how do you celebrate?

Christmas always tends to be at our house. My Nan and siblings join us and it’s a special time with each other. We watch movies and relax! That’s what the holidays are for!

Quick fire questions with Alesha Dixon

Decorations - traditional or modern? Modern

Tree - real or artificial? Artificial

Tree decorations - themed by colour or a mixture? Themed by colour definitely!

Presents - do you treat yourself? No!

Stockings - yes or no? Yes for the girls and I mix it up every year

Do your pets get a Christmas present? It’s Christmas for them every day in our house!

Christmas meal - at lunch or dinner time? Lunchtime

Christmas turkey or something else? Something else!

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