Aldi's glowing fire candle smells just like a cosy fireplace – and it's less than £10

Mimic the rich, smoky, woody scent of a cosy fireplace without having to break the bank - it's already an Ideal Home favourite

Aldi's Hotel Collection candle and reed diffuser sets
(Image credit: Aldi)

There's nothing that smells quite like the winter season than the rich, smoky scent that a cosy fireplace brings. We recognise that not everybody has the space for a fireplace idea. Luckily, there's a simple solution that works a treat to 'get the scent' – with Aldi's glowing fire candle and it's less than £10.

Aldi glowing fire candle

Aldi has launched their Glowing Fire Candle as part of their Hotel Collection and priced at only £9.99, it's undoubtedly being added to many shoppers' carts for pre-order, ready to be dispatched to their homes on the 13th of November.

Hailing in sleek, black packaging, the scented candle is both rich and smoky, in all the best ways possible. Millie Hurst, Senior Content Editor at Ideal Home says, 'There's just something about the all-black packaging and wax of this candle. £10 isn't cheap but it looks high-end.'

Aldi's Hotel Collection Glowing Fire Candle

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you've got your eye on this for the festive season, be assured that our team at Ideal Home love it too. We think the Aldi glowing fire candle is up there as one of the best scented candles you could bag this Christmas.

'While I appreciate that floral scented candles are hugely popular, they really, truly don't float my boat. I hanker for rich, smoky, woody scents at home, whatever the season. So when I discovered the Glowing Fire scented candle at Aldi's recent Christmas press preview, I was sold,' says Ginevra Benedetti, Deputy Editor (Print) at Ideal Home.

Rebecca Knight, Deputy Editor (Digital) at Ideal Home says, 'I was seriously impressed by the luxe packaging of the glowing fire candle, but even more impressed by the smoky scent. I'm a big fan of the Aldi candles, and while this is a little more expensive than others in the range it's definitely worth it for the price tag.'

Aldi's Hotel Collection Glowing Fire Candle

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you've had your eyes set on the Feu de Bois wood fire candle from Diptyque but can't bring yourself to fork up the extra cash to bag one, look no further because the Aldi glowing fire candle might just be the perfect alternative.

Millie says that 'if you have Diptyque taste but an Aldi budget, I'd so recommend this as it smells just like Feu de Bois.'

'A clever dupe to a bestselling candle by a rather spenny French brand, it smells just like a wood burner in winter or an outdoor wood-fired oven in the summertime. No surprises then that I've pre-ordered a few of them to get me through the festive season!'  gushes Ginevra Benedetti.

Aldi's Hotel Collection Glowing Fire Reed Diffuser

(Image credit: Aldi)

So whether you want to treat your home to a new scent, or gift it to a loved one this Christmas, the Aldi glowing fire candle will do the job and more. The scent even comes in the form of a reed diffuser which you can buy as a stand-alone piece or as a combined set as the ideal gift.

You can pre-order the scent today on the Aldi website, or if you can wait, keep your eyes peeled for when it hits stores on the 13th of November. Rest assured, this stunning candle will set effortlessly on your coffee table as well as elegantly complement your mantelpiece ideas. Bring the cosy fireplace scent of the winter season into your home today – without having to break the bank.

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