Angela Scanlon's giant shell decor is top of our wishlist – and we've found 3 beautiful versions for less

The Strictly star’s extravagant piece of decor usually costs over £200 a pop. But our finds come at a fraction of the price

Angela Scanlon portrait
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If you’ve been watching Strictly Come Dancing this month, then TV presenter and broadcaster Angela Scanlon is surely on your radar as one of the favourites to win the season. But as well as her stellar dance moves, we are impressed with Angela’s taste in home decor - namely her giant clam shell bowl. 

Of course, Angela is no stranger to interior design as she’s been hosting BBC Two’s home renovation show Your Home Made Perfect for its entire four seasons. So when she posted a couple of Instagram reels talking about everything Strictly prep from her living room, it was hard not to notice the gorgeous home decor idea adorning her mantelpiece.  

And while we’ve seen these decorative clam shell bowls before, we’ve always been deterred by their price tag, which can often be close to £300. Cox & Cox sells its Faux Clam Shell for £275, while Matilda Goad’s Giant Clam Shell is available for £225. But Angela’s irresistible styling gave us the necessary nudge to have a proper look around and we’re happy to report that we found three dupe options that won’t break the bank.

Angela Scanlon makes the case for giant clam shell decor

Large White Clam Shell Display Dish

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This is not the first time the Irish broadcaster inspired and influenced our living room ideas.

Angela’s aesthetic homeware buys got us hooked before - especially her cosy teddy bear chair which makes a comeback in the aforementioned reel. But we think the clam shell bowl steals the show.

Juliette Thomas, founder and director of Juliettes Interiors, has also been seeing more of this home accessory. ‘A versatile and eye-catching design piece, it works well in a number of rooms - from bathroom organisers to decorative centrepieces on a coffee table.’ What a great bathroom decor idea!

‘A giant clam shell is a statement piece in any room, but ensure it is styled correctly to avoid it looking kitsch,’ she warns. ‘The natural curves and textures of the shell create a beautiful contrast when paired with other natural elements like foliage and other greenery.’

Sam Sutherland, interior stylist at Flitch, agrees. ‘These oversized, natural, and organic pieces create a sense of relaxed elegance and can serve as stunning focal points in a room. They often evoke a connection to nature and the sea, adding a touch of whimsy and intrigue to the decor.’

Large Clam Shell Display Bowl

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Get the look

But as much as we love the style, we are not willing to dish out between £200 and £300 for a shell. Which is why we searched high and low and came back with these three budget alternatives to achieve the same look.

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