Angela Scanlon reveals the 3 things she bought 'just for the aesthetic'

Not even Angela Scanlon is exempt from going after the pretty things

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Your Home Made Perfect host and home decor enthusiast, Angela Scanlon reveals three things she's bought for her home 'just for the aesthetic' – and just to make it even sweeter, we've even scouted out similar pieces you can add to your own homes.

After finding out about the piece of furniture Angela regrets buying, you can only imagine that we were equally as eager to unveil the opposite end of the spectrum, to uncover the things in her home she otherwise adores.

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It's no secret that the presenter has an eye for design, as we've seen glimpses of Angela Scanlon's London home through her Instagram.

Considering she's around beautiful, new house transformations week in and week out as we've seen in Series 4 of Your Home Made Perfect, it's no surprise that she herself gets inspired to follow the latest home decor trends.

3 things Angela Scanlon has bought 'just for the aesthetic'

When speaking to Ideal Home, we asked Angela, 'What are 3 unique things you've bought 'just for the aesthetic?' In other words, simply because it looks pretty and pleasing to the eye.

She responded, 'Well, everything. I'm obsessed with design and I try not to be too practical.' 

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1. Coffee table

'I bought a coffee table recently and it is practical, although I can't move it if I want to do yoga in the living room, but it is the most glorious piece of furniture that I own.'

Now, we're not too sure what coffee table Angela has managed to snag, but knowing her, we believe her when she says it's one to watch. Based on her description of 'glorious' we've hunted down pieces that we would safely say are equally as gorgeous.

2. Lamp

'I have this amazing lamp that I got on eBay that's like a mid-century, Italian, seashell, silk frame-y thing. It's very camp. I mean it does work so it does have a use.'

As far as lighting trends go, there's certainly something to suit everyone's taste so you can create the perfect ambience for any room. Here's our selection of some of the prettiest lamps we've seen while scouring the internet.

3. Teddy bear chair

Finally, last but not least. 'A teddy bear chair. I love it, but it's a little unstable. But so am I, so I feel like we're a match made in heaven. Those are my top three.'

It's no surprise that not even Angela is exempt from the boucle furniture craze, and rightfully so seeing how beautiful of an addition they are as a living room sofa idea, or even as an armchair in any room.

If there's anything we learned today, it's that Angela is admittedly just like us when it comes to being drawn in by the pretty things. But of course, let's not forget that our homes are meant to be lived in and not just looked at – so while we're all for you filling your home with gorgeous pieces that make you happy, don't forget to consider your comfort and practicality above all.

Your Home Made Perfect airs at 8pm on BBC Two every Tuesday and is also available to watch on iPlayer.

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