We hate how much we love this new, unconventional cushion shape

Even better yet, it's surprisingly comfortable

DFS Izzie four-seater sofa in Forest Green boucle
(Image credit: DFS)

There's a new cushion shape making the rounds that you need to know about – and despite its interesting but refreshing shape, it's singlehandedly one of the comfiest companions to any sofa or armchair.

If you've taken time to invest in one of the best sofas your budget can buy, then you ought to do the same with your cushions – especially seeing as trying out a new sofa cushion idea is one of the easiest ways to refresh and update your living room sofa ideas.

Ball cushion trend

While some cushions act only as a home decor accessory, there's no reason why they shouldn't also promote comfort – and that's the beauty of the ball cushion.

'The DFS Izzie bouclé sofa and ball cushions tap into the growing trend for curved furniture, with many people loving the elegance and cocooning feel that these rounded shapes bring to a room,' says Lou Petersen, head of design innovation at DFS.

DFS Izzie four-seater sofa in Forest Green boucle

(Image credit: DFS)

The rounded silhouette motif is something we've seen in many new home decor trends on the scene, with a special nod in particular to the doughnut lamp in IKEA's VARMBLIXT collection that took social media by storm when it first launched.

Experts have long been saying that curves and rounded edges play a part in increasing well-being in a home, giving spaces a calming atmosphere when this silhouette is employed.

Izzie boucle sofa and ball cushion in forest green

(Image credit: DFS)

'There has been such a focus on minimalism and clean, straight lines recently that curves are a perfect way to play against this,' says Josh Parker, senior designer at Embryo.

'It’s becoming increasingly important to use curves in interior design due to the global shift in working conditions. Circles can help evoke a feeling of nature and help bring the outdoors inside with soft organic curves and shapes,' he adds.

Where you can shop the ball cushion

'With echoes of natural organic forms, the curving shape of the Izzie sofa evokes feelings of togetherness and the ball cushion adds a playful point of interest,' adds Lou Petersen at DFS.

'This is enhanced by the tactile bouclé fabric which works well on a curved form as you can read the texture of the boucle better than a conventional square cushion.'

There's no doubt that this trending playful cushion shape will make the perfect companion to any sofa or armchair, especially if you're looking for a conversation starter with guests.

Jullia Joson
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