9 brands selling quick fixes to make your IKEA furniture look more expensive

The places helping to elevate IKEA furniture beyond recognition

Klippan 2 Seater Sofa Cover
(Image credit: HUSK)

Few companies can rival IKEA furniture when it comes to both affordability and popularity. The simple but effective and aesthetically pleasing designs can be found in almost every home around the country. And that’s perhaps the problem - we all end up with the same-looking homes as a result. But some brands are changing that, making products that are compatible with IKEA’s designs from sofas to kitchen cabinets - and we found 9 of the best IKEA customisation companies.

These brands truly take the meaning of IKEA hacks to a whole new level (if not world). Some of them are as simple as alternative hardware or legs, while others specialise in changing the fronts of the plain kitchen cupboards we all know very well.

So let’s meet these magical companies elevating IKEA furniture beyond recognition. Trust us when we say your friends will never know that your home is kitted out in IKEA thanks to these subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) changes.

A pink IKEA chest of drawers used as a vanity

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9 IKEA customisation companies

Many people have turned to customising their IKEA furniture to put their own style on the usually very simple and minimalist designs, including Instagrammers and TikTokers like the one hacking her IKEA BILLY bookcase into a whimsically blue library.

This has led to several brands spotting a gap in the market and taking advantage of it, creating products specifically to aid customers with personalising their IKEA purchases.

‘Several brands have emerged as pioneers in offering tailored solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal and personalisation of IKEA furniture,’ says Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist. ‘These brands empower individuals to transform their living spaces into expressions of their unique personalities and lifestyles, exemplifying a growing trend in home furnishing where customisation is increasingly valued.’

Our favourite products

1. Bemz

Bemz makes sofa covers specially made for all the different IKEA sofa shapes, from the currently popular SÖDERHAMN to the more classic GRÖNLID - in over 100 fabric finishes, colours and patterns available as part of its offering!

‘Bemz provides custom covers for IKEA sofas, chairs, and cushions, offering a wide selection of high-quality fabrics and captivating patterns to refresh and personalise seating arrangements,’ Alex confirms.

A living room with a beige sofa and a patterned armchair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

2. Plykea

If you’re looking for IKEA kitchen hacks, then Plykea has got your back. And it’s not just kitchen cabinets but also IKEA wardrobes that this brand can and will transform with its plywood fronts and worktops.

‘Plykea offers bespoke solutions tailored specifically for IKEA furniture,’ Alex explains. ‘Plykea simplifies the process of customising IKEA kitchen and wardrobe cabinets with their plywood fronts and worktops, transforming off-the-peg units into bespoke, design-led creations.’

3. Prettypegs

Otto 100 Furniture leg

(Image credit: Prettypegs)

You may have seen the IKEA hack making coffee table legs out of two IKEA serving bowls joined together into a sphere. And as crafty as that is, you can also buy these ball-like legs (albeit a bit smaller) from Prettypegs.

‘Prettypegs offers replacement legs in various styles, colours, and materials for IKEA furniture items such as sofas, beds, and cabinets, facilitating the addition of personalised accents that seamlessly integrate with IKEA's modular framework,’ Alex says.

4. Comfort Works

Klippan 2 Seater Sofa Cover

(Image credit: Comfort Works)

Similarly to Bemz, Australian brand Comfort Works also makes covers for IKEA sofas. It started with the founders’ own IKEA KARLANDA model, which they found ugly and decided to make their own covering for. Now, they offer over 80 colours and materials for most IKEA sofas, including the KLIPPAN found in most of the country’s rentals - with a chic linen cover it looks like a whole new sofa to us.


HUSK adds a contemporary touch with their range of fronts and worktops, known for meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design,’ Alex starts.

Specialising specifically in fitting IKEA (and Howdens) kitchen cabinets with new doors and countertops, HUSK transforms any IKEA flatpack kitchen into a sleek, modern cooking haven.

Wood kitchen with slab doors and blue tiles

(Image credit: Husk)

6. Superfront

Superfront specialises in crafting bespoke fronts, handles, legs, and tops for various IKEA pieces like cabinets, sideboards, and wardrobes, seamlessly integrating custom elements with IKEA's modular designs.’

Whether you’re after polished brass handles or elegant leather pulls to elevate your IKEA cabinets with, Superfront has got it. 

7. The Hairpin Leg Co.


(Image credit: The Hairpin Leg Co.)

Hairpin legs by The Hairpin Leg Company give any furniture an instant contemporary, slightly industrial look which has become very on-trend in the past few years. And while they work with pretty much any furniture, they especially shine paired with IKEA furniture, whether that’s a desk, a sideboard or a console table.

8. Stoned Amsterdam

We’ve seen people upgrading their IKEA bedside tables with new handles. But up until stumbling across Stoned Amsterdam, we’ve never seen them elevated with a travertine top. Available in various colours, the brand’s products are designed to fit the particular measurements of the IKEA VIKHAMMER bedside table.

9. FRØPT Studio

When we saw the IKEA BESTA cabinet transformed by fluted panelling for the first time that an Instagrammer DIY-ed, we couldn't believe it was IKEA we were looking at. And the designs from FRØPT Studio have a similar effect. The brand makes various fronts for IKEA METOD and PAX cabinets - and the range, of course, includes the stylish fluted finish that we love.

An IKEA console table with hairpin legs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

So go on and customise that IKEA and make it your own! 

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