Cult coffee shop Blank Street has turned its viral Blueberry Matcha drink into a candle – and it's already selling out

Viral drink of 2023 gets a scented candle makeover - and we've found some great smelling alternates

Blueberry Matcha candle
(Image credit: Blank Street)

Whether you were obsessed with Blank Street’s iced blueberry matcha drink this summer or this is the first time you’re hearing about it, the Blank Street Blueberry Matcha candle is a real treat.

The cult coffee shop sprouted up all over London in the past year with a new branch just opened in Manchester and more to follow soon in other corners of the UK. And it’s become an instant cult spot, known for its beautifully ombre blueberry matcha and signature pistachio latte. And with #blueberrymatcha going viral, attracting over 5 million views on TikTok, the cafe immortalised its drink by making it into the best scented candle possible.

Blueberry Matcha candle

(Image credit: Blank Street)

Featuring the same ombre look with matcha green on top and light blueberry purple on the bottom enclosed in a clear glass jar, the £25 candle launched last Friday and is already sold out online. But if you’re after its delicious smell, then it’s still available in Blank Street’s London stores in Kings Road, Charlotte Street and Picadilly Gardens.

Plus, we searched high and low for some lovely alternatives to indulge in, whether you’re a matcha or a coffee lover.

Blank Street launches Blueberry Matcha candle

First put on the menu in March 2023, the iced blueberry matcha sent Blank Street’s customer base and TikTok alike into a frenzy with many trying to recreate its beauty and deliciousness at home as well. 

That’s why a limited-edition Blank Street Blueberry Matcha scented candle, made in collaboration with London-based candle brand Earl of East, felt like a natural step.

‘The iced blueberry matcha has been our drink of the year at Blank Street – having gone viral for its beautiful ombre look and its famed unique taste, it’s developed a major cult following. Selling at one every minute since its launch this spring, it’s fast become one of our bestselling drinks on the menu,’ says Hashim Parvez, product specialist at Blank Street.

‘We’ve created the limited-edition candle as the perfect gift to immortalise the delectable scent and beautiful look of the drink, ensuring our matcha-mad followers will never be without their favourite Blueberry Matcha.’

So what does it smell of?

Made with vegetable wax, it starts sweet with notes of blueberry and vanilla, which are then balanced with the earthy and fresh matcha.

If you like the sound of that, you better be quick though as there are only 100 of these made. But if you snooze, you don’t necessarily lose. At least not on this occasion. As we’ve scoured the market to find you comparable matcha-based alternatives if you're craving this home fragrance.

Matcha candle alternatives

Coffee candle alternatives

But if coffee has your heart rather than matcha, then why not make your home smell like your favourite cafe with these delicious coffee-based scents. 

Maybe you can even pair them with the yummy patisserie candle range from Aldi everyone’s gone crazy for.

Whether it's a gift or for yourself, now is the perfect time to snap up one of these delicious scent cafe candles.

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