Mrs Hinch's first festive buy of the season is actually a candle in disguise – and we're a little obsessed

Creativity was certainly on the cards for this year's Christmas decorations

Christmas bauble candle
(Image credit: The White Company)

Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, took to her Instagram stories to share her new festive buy with fans, a candle that looks exactly like a Christmas bauble.

As we begin to welcome the festive season, we have to admit that there's nothing quite like lighting your favourite Christmas candle. They're an easy way to jumpstart your Christmas ideas without committing fully to the bit just yet.

Even better, this candle isn't just like any other scented candle on the market. It's shaped exactly like a Christmas bauble for that extra novel twist for the holidays, with the lip popping off so you can light the candle as usual.

If there's a theme we've seen recently in this year's seasonal candles, it's that they'll always take it up a notch in design, like Anthropologie's snow globe candle.

Needless to say, we're all for it.

Christmas bauble-shaped candle

(Image credit: The White Company)

Christmas bauble candles

Mrs Hinch, our go-to for all things home and cleaning hacks galore, excitedly shared her newest purchase via Instagram stories, and it might've just made it into the hall of fame for best candles we've seen this season.

In the Instagram story, she says, 'Now my pumpkins are out of the house guys, I have brought in one candle – one Christmas candle, and I managed to find it.

'It was the giant bauble candle from Home Bargains. Look at it,' she exclaims. 'It is beautiful and the lid, look at that. Oh, it's amazing. Chuffed to bits with that.'

Christmas bauble candle

(Image credit: The White Company)

The candle featured in the story was red and white striped like a candy cane (very Wonkacore-inspired if you ask us) and can likely be found at your local Home Bargains store, if you're lucky, that is. It's no surprise that Mrs Hinch fans have searched far and wide for these candles since Mrs Hinch's post.

However, fear not if you're out of luck, because we've rounded up three equally gorgeous Christmas bauble-shaped candle alternatives we think you'll love.

Irrespective of whether you're lucky enough to hunt down the Home Bargains version or are keen to snap up one of these three beautiful options, you can rest assured that this Christmas bauble-shaped candle will spruce up any old festive mantel decor idea or work its magic as a Christmas table centrepiece.

Our Ideal Home Deputy Digital Editor, Rebecca Knight, has already picked up a tortoiseshell version from Habitat during a run to Sainsbury's. 'I've already snuck it onto my mantlepiece and I'm hoping that to turn it into a little treat bowl when the candle runs out.'

We're all for the novel festive decorations we've been spotting as of late and dare we say we're honestly looking forward to seeing what the next big buy will be.

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