This viral Anthropologie candle doubles up as a gorgeous snow globe – and it's currently on sale

This candle's lifespan goes beyond its burn time as memorabilia you'll want to cherish

Anthropologie monogram snow globe candles
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

This viral Anthropologie candle also doubles up as a snow globe, and we think it's a seasonal buy certainly worth considering. Not only is it a scented candle with an aroma that screams winter, but its lifespan will also go beyond its burn time as a Christmas decor idea.

In preparation for the run-up to the festive season, there's no time better than the present to have a handful of decorations in mind that you plan to snag once the time is right. Buying the best Christmas candles is easily one of the easiest ways to switch up a home's vibe to welcome the change of season. However, sometimes we want our festive buys to last longer than just a few weeks.

While there are many ways to reuse old candle jars (such as turning them into stylish DIY matchboxes), we love Anthropologie's take on making the candle memorabilia that you'll want to cherish for a long time by adding an element of personalisation.

Anthropologie monogram snow globe candle

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Anthropologie snow globe candle

Anthropologie's Monogram Snowglobe Woody Fresh Balsam and Cedarwood Ceramic Candle is the perfect personalised gift for the season, offering a bit of holiday magic combined with the fresh scents of winter.

This candle has gone viral on TikTok in many instances, with one video gaining over 1.5 million views and over 130,000 likes. Although this video was fed more to a US audience, we were delighted to discover that the monogram snow globe candle is also available to shop in the UK.

Of course, we're aware that you want to know what it smells like. The candle is described as having a 'woody fresh' scent of balsam and cedarwood – which ticks our favourite notes we like to keep an eye out for a winter home fragrance.

The monogram snow globe candle sports an enticing blend of freshly cut evergreen, effervescent citrus, sparkling white cranberry, and sugared plums over a smooth base of cinnamon. We don't know about you, but that sounds nothing less than how we imagine a winter wonderland to smell like.

Anthropologie monogram snow globe candles

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

We think the monogram snow globe candle will make a gorgeous gift under £50 to grace a loved one with. Because even after the festive season has been and gone, they'll have a personalised little snow globe to keep with their initials on.

Alternatively, if you are keen on a different scent or are after a more general Christmassy design, Anthropologie also does snow globe candles without the monogram in either Gilded Cassia (spice fruity) or Winter White Thyme (fresh herbal).

Whichever one you decide on, we think that this is a 'quiet luxury' Christmas buy that is sure to make your home feel that extra bit luxurious this festive season.

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