'Christmas looks set to be the glitziest yet' – this year's big festive decor trend takes a groovy turn

It's a contemporary twist on the traditional Christmas aesthetic, and we're a little obsessed

Silver and Christmas disco-themed festive home decor
(Image credit: George Home)

We've all heard what it means to celebrate and dream of a white Christmas, but allow us to do you one better: a disco Christmas. Wait, what? Yep, you heard us right. 

The festive season is getting a whole lot groovier, dare we say it, and upping the ante on the glitz and glamour of traditional Christmas decorating ideas – and obsessed is an understatement.

Make way for a new home decor trend, folks, because the Christmas disco theme this year is coming in hot. And unapologetically so.

Silver and Christmas disco-themed festive home decor

(Image credit: George Home)

Christmas disco trend

The Christmas disco trend is exactly what it sounds like: disco balls galore. We've already vouched for the kitchen disco previously, so you already know that we're all over this festive trend, too. And we don't know about you, but we're already a little bit obsessed just from the sound of it alone.

'Disco has certainly had a resurgence this year and shoppers are finding creative ways to incorporate the glamorous trend into their Christmas decor,' starts Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy.

Head shot of Dayna Isom Johnson
Dayna Isom Johnson

Dayna Isom Johnson is the trend expert for Etsy and a judge on the NBC primetime series ‘Making It’. As part of her role at Etsy, Dayna is responsible for keeping her finger on the pulse of the hottest trends on the market. She is in constant pursuit of new and unique finds on Etsy in an effort to unearth the latest and greatest designs, up-and-coming Etsy shops, and sellers with exciting stories.

Silver and Christmas disco-themed festive home decor

(Image credit: George Home)

Commenting further on the trend, Jess Martin, Christmas decoration expert at global party supplier, Ginger Ray adds, 'The Christmas disco trend is all about amping up the glitz and glamour in your home by incorporating disco balls into your festive decor.'

'Whether you want to go all out and bedazzle your whole home or add a few subtle touches to add some extra sparkle, disco-core has something for everyone.'

Dayna continues, 'Disco is glamming up the festive season.  From little disco balls on a tablescape to a full-blown disco ball wreath on your front door, there are so many ways you can embrace this trend and I can't wait to see this evolve as we enter the festive period.'

Grey cushion and mini disco ball decoration

(Image credit: George Home)

Mind you, the Christmas disco trend is one that retailers and brands nationwide have seen bigger than ever this year. In fact, we'd say that nearly every Christmas showcase and event we've attended so far this year has incorporated the use of disco balls in their decor in one way or another.

'Our customers are getting their groove on, with sales of mirror balls up +56% compared to this time last year,' says Lisa Cherry, Christmas buyer at John Lewis.

'Whether you want to add shine to your sitting room or a bit of boogie to your boudoir, the light-reflecting room decorations are perfect for introducing some 70s nostalgia to your home.' Did someone say nostalgiacore?

Silver and Christmas disco-themed festive tablescape

(Image credit: George Home)

Lisa continues, 'TikTok's 'disco balls' hashtag is currently at 64 million views, whilst searches for 'disco balls' are up +170% on johnlewis.com. Customers are planning to add sparkle to their Christmas trees too, with sales of mirror ball tree decorations up +39% compared to last year.'

In addition, Etsy has also seen a 13% increase in searches for disco ball items on the site in the last three months compared to the same period last year.

Katy Trail, senior design manager at George Home comments further, 'We've seen a real surge in demand for mirrored baubles and glittery ornaments this year; Christmas looks set to be the glitziest yet!'

How to style the Christmas disco trend in your home

'It's a really easy trend to dial up or down; whether you start small with a disco ball on the tree, or really go for it with a sprinkling of silver throughout the house,' starts Katy at George Home.

Advising further, Jess at Ginger Ray says, 'One of the easiest ways to style disco balls for Christmas is by adding them to your tree.' Irrespective of whether you've got an artificial Christmas tree or a real one, the glitz and glamour are all the same.

'You can either do this by incorporating disco ball ornaments into your hanging decorations or, if you want to go bigger, consider trying out a disco ball tree topper for a more modern, maximalist vibe.'

Disco ball place card holder holding name

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

'In addition to decorating your tree, think about where you might be able to add tinsel garlands or statement stand-alone disco balls for a seamless theme.'

Jess continues, 'A cute way to bring disco to the dining table might be to jazz up your place card holders (like these Silver Disco Ball Place Card Holders, £7.99 at Ginger Ray) with a little glitter or metallic confetti.' We think it's certainly a fun way to bring disco-core to any Christmas table decoration.

Here are some of our favourite buys to get the Christmas disco vibe started in your own home for the festive period.

Well, let's just say we're grateful that this 70s-inspired trend has made a comeback in the realm of home decor – festive decor at that – and we're so very glad that we get to indulge in this come Christmas time.

Forget a white Christmas, it's a disco Christmas from here on out.

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